Soilmec’s new SR-30 Eagle

Soilmec small-sized drilling rigs made history with the R-312 in 1995, offering a generous Diesel engine with a powerful rotary head.

The new SR-30 Eagle inherits the best characteristics of previous models and embodies performance, technology and attention to detail.

A benchmark rig for the small-diameter drilling works market, perfect for carrying out work in residential areas and confined spaces and is always ready to be promptly moved to the next jobsite.

Designed for Operators

The brand-new SR-30 Eagle has been designed with operators in mind. The cabin is compact with perfect visibility that allows the operator complete control. It comes complete with amenities such as air conditioning and an adjustable seat. This rig also comes with useful solutions, such as a high-pressure washer kit, compressor kit and tool shelf, all aimed at making the operator’s work easier.

Furthermore, The SR-30 Eagle uses the Drilling Mate System (DMS) 4.0 product suite to increase piling reliability, improve operations, implement automated drilling features and allow operators and fleet managers to be proactive with maintenance.

The DMS includes widgets to personalize user experience and offer effortless access to automation features. ​​​​​Among these, automatic return to the centre hole, anti-slack rope system, automatic auger lifting, auto-rotary and auto-drilling functions.

Standard and Upgraded Versions

The rig is available in two different versions to satisfy your specific needs. The standard version can be transported complete with 4×9 kelly bar at a weight of less than 30 tons (​​66,138 lb).

The SR-30 Eagle upgraded version comes with a Soilmec segmental modular mast. This allows switching to LHR and extended CFA configurations simple and cost-efficient.

Power and Efficiency

To better support the mechanical performance, Soilmec has equipped this rig with the latest generation Stage V/Tier4f Diesel engine, equipped with low-idle to improve fuel efficiency and decrease noise pollution.

The 4.5-liter four-cylinder Cummins engine can deliver a maximum power of 149 kW (200 HP). ​Power and efficiency collaborate to elevate the force available and improve excavation.

Despite its small dimensions, the strength of the mast has made it possible to install a rotary with a maximum torque of 131 kNm (96619 lbft). The SR-30 Eagle is capable of optimizing torque and rotation speed during excavation thanks to the automatic control of motor displacement.

Moreover, the rotary is provides a new hydraulic block that has been redesigned for more efficient hydraulic performance and pressure losses.

Full Visibility

The SR-30 Eagle has full visibility above and below the ground. The operator observes the area surrounding the rig through a large windshield, rear-view mirrors and a camera system, complete with monitor in cab.

The drilling performance is monitored by the Drilling Mate System, providing the operator data in real time.