An ambitious challenge for Soilmec developers

Soilmec has added a new model to its blue line of drill rigs.

The SR-65 EVO, a medium-sized rig, was unveiled in March at the IFCEE 2018 show in Orlando, Florida.

As with all the new blue line rigs, the SR-65 is inspired by the concept design that highlights simplified structures, smooth proportions and an array of futuristic details.

The hydraulic drilling rig SR-65 was specially designed to suit several applications, including:

  • LDP cased bore piles with casing driven directly by rotary head or optionally by casing oscillator powered by the base carrier itself.
  • LDP deep uncased bored piles stabilized by drilling fluid or dry hole.
  • CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles by means of long auger string.

Alessandro Ditillo, large diameter pile product line manager for Soilmec, explained the machine represents an “ambitious challenge” for the company’s development team.

“This new product has in some way tested all our competencies and skills, since the goal was to make a real jewel of technology,” Ditillo said.

“The degree of innovation we reached during this project makes the SR-65 EVO, with all its features, a unique machine in the actual landscape of the equipment for foundation engineering.”

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One of the engineering feats for the SR-65 EVO is its ability to be transported with the Kelly mounted on the machine with a weight remaining under 65 tonnes and a height less than 3.5 metres.

This allows the rig to begin work in about 30 minutes after arriving at the job site.

As well, the modular mast engineered for the unit allows set up of the machine in LHR configuration by simply removing the upper element thus reducing the overall height to just 8.5 metres.

“This is a ‘mission impossible’ that Soilmec developers’ team was able to complete with reduced size, compactness and state-of-the-art functionality,” Ditillo said.

“Power, rotary torque and minimal noise impact makes this rig best-in-class in its segment. Rapidity, efficiency, transportability, power and control. … These are all synonyms for the Soilmec SR-65 EVO. It’s a clear distinction for all, state-of-the-art in foundation technology, useful, easy and powerful or, in a few words, really innovative.”

The SR-65 is equipped with the Drilling Mate System (DMS) on a 130 cm touch screen for monitoring and control of the rig’s performance and operating parameters.

“The SR-65 EVO is a unique rig in its segment. Soilmec managed to coordinate for transportability, power and versatility,” said Soilmec sales coordinator Stefano Cordella

“Soilmec believes that the SR-65 EVO is the best answer for all the contractors looking for performance and versatility.”