Rototilt takes automation to a new level


Automation and intelligence are the two concepts at the heart of Rototilt product development. Utilizing Rototilt’s ICS control system and tiltrotator to allow excavation systems to automatically handle the tilt angle is an obvious step in the integration with the excavator.

“In our product development, we always attempt to simplify and improve the user’s daily life. Automation is an exciting and natural part of the innovation surrounding our products,” said Sven-Roger Ekström, product manager at Rototilt.

The automatic tilt function permits excavator operators to be more efficient in their daily work.

“What this means in practice is that we give the excavator operators completely new possibilities in combination with the control system, machine coupler, tiltrotator and tool,” Ekström said.

Three years ago, Rototilt was first on the market through the launch of RPS (Rototilt Positioning Solution) and the ICS control system to enable excavation systems to gather the exact tilt and rotation angle of the tool.

Integration was a huge success and today many excavators are equipped with Rototilt’s tiltrotator with ICS control system and RPS. Now the company is taking the technology to the next level with automatic tilt function. Automatic Grade Control is also a function included in the RPS.

“It means I can work much faster and can keep an eye on the work rather than on the screens in the cab. With RPS, I see the bucket position and angles in the excavation system and manually adapt the tool according to these,” said Mikael Holmström, one of the operators using the RPS function. “While Automatic Grade Control automatically adapts the tool according to the model of excavator system. As a result, I don’t need to control the bucket or the tool that I’m working with, these adjust themselves and I only need to keep an eye on the height. Which is perfect when working in a trench. It’s so easy to excavate.”

Technically, it’s a matter of sending signals from the tiltrotator and control system to the excavation system.

“We work with all the leading manufacturers of excavator systems and Leica Geosystems is the first to offer this to their customers,” Ekström said.

Automatic Grade Control is supplied with RPS and Rototilt’s ICS control system (version 2.10.3 or later) as well as Leica’s excavation system adapted for the function.

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