Komatsu launches two new Dash 11 excavators

Dash 11

Komatsu America Corp’s new Dash 11 PC1250SP-11 and PC1250LC-11 excavators boasts a 13 per cent boost in horsepower as well as an eight per cent increase in productivity.

The new PC1250SP-11 and PC1250LC-11 feature increased power, improved production, and a new single Power Plus operating mode that does not compromise fuel consumption.

The new EPA Tier 4 Final certified models are equipped with a 758 hp SAA6D170E-7 engines with two Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filters that do not require diesel exhaust fluid or a selective catalyst reduction system.

“The PC1250 offers exceptional customer value across a broad range of applications, including sewer and water, general construction, mass excavation, as well as mining, quarry, sand and gravel,” said Kurt Moncini, senior product manager of tracked equipment for Komatsu America.

The PC1250LC-11 operating weight varies between 122,409 kg and 125,109 kg. The PC1250SP-11 operating weights vary between 118,164 kg and 120,864 kg.

New Dash 11 features

The new Power plus work mode, with enhanced engine/hydraulic pump control efficiency, helps increase productivity up to eight per cent without negatively impacting fuel consumption, compared to the previous models.

The upgraded operator cab is 9 cm wider than current Dash 11 excavator cabs and is OPG Level 1 (ISO 12117-2) compliant with standard OPG Level 2 (ISO 10262) top guard.

Sounds levels are also 2 dB(A) lower than the previous models.

As well, the cab includes an upgraded, high-resolution, 18 cm LCD colour monitor that incorporates a new updated default split-display mode showing the KomVision camera display and key gauges. Furthermore, the KomVision four camera system is now standard and provides a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding area for improved operator situational awareness.

The operator ID system-records KOMTRAX machine operation and application data for up to 100 individual ID codes. As well, the KOMTRAX Plus Version 2 enables expanded fleet monitoring via satellite and wireless LAN. Users are able to analyze machine health and performance from a remote location, on a near-real time basis.

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As well, tie off anchor points are integrated into the booms and arms for use with service technician restraint harnesses.

For access to the Dash 11 cab, a new, optional, hydraulically-powered ladder provides easier access. This option will also be available as a field installation kit.

For ease of maintenance, the LCD monitordisplays information and incorporates new Tier 4 Final technology that helps improve, simplify and manage maintenance. For east access, the engine air/oil/fuel/KCCV filters are grouped together in the front of the hood.

The Dash 11 excavators are also equipped with  an electric fuel priming pump; a reversible hydraulic fan to clean out debris from the coolers; new battery master disconnect switch with lock out/tag out provision; new hinged A/C and fuel cooler swing open for improved access to hydraulic oil cooler core; a rear facing maintenance walkway light that illuminates rear of machine for nighttime  maintenance; and new hydraulic filter sensors to monitor restriction and trigger warning indicator in the monitor. Hydraulic filter restriction data is also monitored by KOMTRAX.