Hitachi unveils its third EX-7 mining excavator

Hitachi mining excavator

Hitachi has announced the third and smallest mining excavator in the EX-7 series.

The EX1200-7 excavator is now available in North and South America, and follows the recent launch of the EX2600-7 and EX5600-7.

“Available in a backhoe or shovel configuration, the EX1200-7 is our smallest mining excavator and also serves as a crossover machine for construction customers,” said Brian Mace, mining product marketing and applications manager, Hitachi Construction Machinery – Americas.

“This versatile machine delivers an astounding combination of power and the latest technologies you need to get the job done, whether its large-scale excavation or mining.”    

Fuel Consumption Optimization

Equipped with Hitachi’s Fuel Consumption Optimization (FCO) technology, the EX1200-7 improves total fuel economy by six per cent (compared to the previous model, the EX1200-6) through engine and hydraulic system improvements. The EX1200-7 also features a Cummins EPA Tier 4 Final engine with DEF. For non-regulated countries, a Cummins engine featuring fuel-calibration optimization settings helps contribute to improved efficiency.

Furthermore, when the machine is in neutral, auto-idle reduces engine speed to save on fuel consumption.

The new EX1200-7 also includes a 4.5 per cent increase in bucket capacity with a 7 cubic metre capacity. Equipped with optimized swing control, the new machine has an improved hydraulic system with a flow regeneration valve to reduce power requirements from the hydraulic system and engine, which lowers consumption and improves pump life.

EX1200-7 undercarriage

For reliable performance, the EX1200-7 undercarriage has three single-sided upper rollers on each side of the track frame that help maintain track shoe clearance and reduce debris build-up.

As well, the boom and arm are welded, utilizing a full-box section design to distribute stress and provide ease of maintenance. The underslung low bend configuration of the front attachment hoses removes the need for clamping to help reduce chafing and increase reliability.

A new option with the machine is the auto-lubrication system for a bulk excavation front attachment, which supplies grease to the superstructure including bucket pins. The advanced system comes redesigned with a large capacity grease tank, new grease pump, in-line grease filter and breather with filter, resulting in a more reliable system.

The excavator’s design was created for optimal frame longevity to ensure the machine withstands the demands of any operation. With the cab resting on 6-point, support type, fluid-filled elastic mounts, the cab durability is significantly improved due to reduced shocks and vibrations.

Likewise, a center track frame delivers stress dispersion to reduce the chance of failure in high-stress areas. An improved track link design also mitigates premature failure of the master pin while oil-filled idlers and rollers eliminate the need for daily lubrication.

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The pressurized cab’s climate controlled air conditioning helps overcome environmental extremes. As well, the operator seat is specifically designed for the mining industry with a weight-adjusting cushioned seat that allows the operator to customize suspensions settings.

A large, multi-functional display provides key machine information that is fitted with an LED backlight to improve clarity and reduce reflective glare.

The EX1200-7 also provides the option of Aerial Angle, which is popular among customers and works as a 360-degree vision system. The system assists with noting equipment surroundings through a display monitor that combines a set of images captured by cameras positioned at different locations around the machine.