Vanguard showcases swappable batteries, engines at World of Concrete

At World of Concrete 2022, Briggs & Stratton showed off the current lineup of Vanguard power solutions.

Vanguard’s booth featured its new 1.5kWh swappable battery technology, new single-cylinder Vanguard 400 engine, Vanguard Commercial lithium-ion battery packs and the full lineup of single-cylinder horizontal shaft engines.

“Our customers’ needs are ever-changing, so Vanguard has designed a product lineup to meet the growing demand for diverse power solutions,” said Amy West, Briggs & Stratton Marketing Manager, Commercial Power.

Engines on display

The new single-cylinder Vanguard 400 14.0 gross hp engine is launching in March of 2022. This is the latest Vanguard model to incorporate electronic fuel injection (EFI) and electronic throttle control (ETC) technology, which improves performance and load acceptance as well as offers better fuel efficiency and easy all-weather choke-less starting.

The Vanguard lineup of single-cylinder horizontal shaft commercial engines was also on display, which includes the Vanguard 400, a 14.0 gross hp engine, Vanguard 200, a 6.5 gross hp engine and Vanguard 160, a 5.0 gross hp engine.

This family of engines, designed using customer research, provides proven power with superior starting and less maintenance.

Also, these models feature the patented, Vanguard-exclusive, TransportGuard technology and fully integrated cyclonic air cleaner with advanced AutoShed technology.

Swappable battery pack

the Vanguard lithium-ion 1.5kWh swappable battery pack is designed to provide users with an efficient, versatile and reliable battery power option.

The battery features an exchangeable design, allowing customers to easily remove and replace the battery as needed and like the currently available Vanguard Lithium-Ion Battery Packs, the swappable battery can be used in tandem with other packs to make sure larger power needs can be met.

“Electrification is quickly revolutionizing the power application industry and we’re proud to play a significant role in that process,” said West. “Innovation in power application is more important than ever, and our current Lithium-Ion battery models, as well as our new swappable battery pack, continue to show the industry that Vanguard is leading the industry forward.”