The Gradall XL 4300 V does not require outriggers


The new Gradall XL 4300 V excavator is the industry’s only on/off highway excavator that can work at the front, rear or either side of the undercarriage without the need for outriggers. 

The design allows for greater efficiency, as there is no need to stop work to lower outriggers, and provides stable operation, enabling it to pick and carry cargo around job sites.

Weighing 19,768 kg, the Gradall XL 4300 V model has a maximum speed of 29 km per hour both on and off pavement. 

Designed and built by Gradall Industries, the XL 4300 V also features a new Tier 4 Final compliant Volvo Penta diesel engine. With 173 horsepower at 2,200 rpm, the XL 4300 V’s fuel efficiency is improved by up to 5 per cent.

Along with the new engine, the Gradall Series V excavators include an upgraded high-performance, high-reliability 24-volt electrical system, creating a better power source. As well, an operator cab safety option provides rollover protection that meets safety test requirements and is integrated within the existing cab structure, without external support.

The XL 4300 V has a maximum reach of 9.2 metres at grade and a maximum dig depth of 6.5 metres. As well, the model’s rated bucket breakout force is 25,405 pounds and the rated boom force is 22,075 pounds.

Steady both on and off pavement, the rubber tire undercarriage provides a stable work platform and will not damage concrete or asphalt surfaces. Although rarely needed, options include outriggers and a grading blade for more stability.

The Gradall XL 4300 V’s mobility is enhanced by a design utilizing a full-time, four-wheel drive transfer case that delivers power from the hydraulic drive motor to the drive axles. Both axles have wet-disc brakes.

The Gradall boom 

The Gradall telescoping, full-tilting boom can precisely position excavating and demolition attachments without losing power — an advantage over conventional models with boom-end tilting mechanisms. 

The Gradall boom design also creates a low working profile, enabling the machine to work under bridges, in tunnels and under overhead obstructions. A short tail swing allows the machine to work in tight spaces and along highways with minimal traffic interruption. 

Operator efficiency and safety are improved thanks to a full view of the entire boom during the complete dig cycle. The operator cab also offers increased comfort with sound-deadening capabilities, a large seat with built-in joysticks, and a convenient switch that allows the operator to select the Gradall, Deere or SAE joystick pattern. Repositioning is accomplished with foot pedals.

A host of attachments are available for the XL 4300 V, including excavating, trenching, pavement removal, ditching and dredging buckets. Also available are grading blades, boom extensions, limb shearers, fixed thumb grapple and live booms.

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Gradall models with rough terrain wheeled undercarriages also include the XL 3300 V, weighing 17,283 kg and the XL 5300 V, weighing 23,231 kg. 

 More than 80 per cent of the service parts on all current Gradall machines are interchangeable, simplifying inventory processes to assure normal service parts are available. 

Optional equipment includes a vandalism protection kit, intake air pre-cleaner, strobe light, block heater and auxiliary hydraulics.