Bobcat introduces the E26 compact excavator

bobcat compact excavator

Bobcat is expanding its R-Series lineup with the introduction of the new E26 compact excavator.

Minimal tail overhang allows the compact excavator to work in tight spaces, including construction, landscaping and utility jobsites, as well as agriculture applications.

The excavator’s boom swing frame stays within the width of the machine’s tracks as it swings, making it easier to perform in confined jobsite conditions and next to buildings or other obstructions where larger earthmoving equipment, such as a tractor loader, can’t fit.

Redesigned cab

The R-Series compact excavator offers a 19 per cent increase in glass surface area, providing operators with a panoramic view of the jobsite. As well, a larger front panel provides an enhanced view of the attachment.

Bobcat also redesigned the E26 cab to be more spacious and provide extra comfort for operators of all sizes.

New low-effort joystick controls are ergonomically designed for ease of use. Like other R-Series excavators, there is ample floor space in the E26 for the operator’s feet and legs.

And with the cab quieter than previous models, operators will appreciate reduced sound levels while in the cab.

E26 compact excavator specs:

  • Horsepower: 24.8 hp
  • Operating weight: 2,943 kg
  • Bucket digging force: 5,652 foot pounds.
  • Arm digging force: 3,547 foot pounds.
  • Rated lift capacity: 1,070 kg.
  • Maximum reach at ground level: 4.8 metres
  • Maximum dig depth: 2.9 metres
  • Maximum dump height: 3.15 metres
  • Width: 1.5 metres
  • Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 54 litres per minute
  • Tail swing type: Minimal

The 24.8 hp diesel engine does not require a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to meet Tier 4 emission requirements.

As well, Bobcat E26 compact excavator operators will enjoy the added dig depth, reach and dump height with the standard long-arm configuration. In addition, the increased cylinder size provides excellent breakout forces and lifting ability.

Increased durability

Operators can see and feel a difference in the durability of the new compact excavator.

The new body panels are stiffer and more robust. They fit tighter together, and they include stronger hinges and latches. Together, these features reduce vibration in the cab to enhance operator comfort.  

In addition to cab durability features, the E26 also offers a more robust blade design that allows self-cleaning and requires less time clearing mud and debris after the job is done.

Bobcat also redesigned the R-Series compact excavator with steel hydraulic lines to offer better protection than rubber hoses.

More news from Bobcat

They’re routed through the lower portion of the boom swing casting and tucked securely into the top area of the boom structure, preventing costly damage and protecting component life.

Hoses have more steel tubing, well-designed mounts and minimal fittings. Each of these enhancements work together to increase uptime protection for E26 excavator operators.

Second auxiliary hydraulics can be installed by a Bobcat dealer to provide additional hydraulic flow for enhanced attachment performance.