Gehl introduces its 10th track loader

track loader

With the introduction of the new 612 kg capacity RT135 track loader, Gehl’s track loader lineup now includes 10 models.

The Gehl RT135 has an overall width of 1.4 metres and a height of 1.9 metres. The track loader is able to lift 612 kg at 35 per cent operating capacity.

“The RT135 provides track loader operators with a fully powered machine in a compact design,” said Aaron Haynes, global product manager for track loaders at Manitou Group.

“Expanding the track loader offering allows Gehl to provide solutions for more applications and more users. Equipped with pilot joystick controls and compact dimensions, the RT135 supplies operators with a highly responsive machine that can access tight jobsites.” 

With an operating weight of 2,953 kg, the track loader is easily transported, making it a suitable machine for the rental industry, construction sites and weekend warriors.

The Gehl RT135 is powered with a 46.6-hp Yanmar engine that utilizes automatic regeneration and zero fuel additives, providing clean emissions with little to no effort from the operator. In addition, built on an adapted R135 skid loader chassis for superior weight distribution and grading, the Gehl RT135 is equipped for any jobsite. 

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The RT135’s cab-forward design features the same safety features delivered across Gehl’s track loader offering. Equipped with Level II FOPS, the cab provides a tough operator station as well as excellent visibility on all sides of the machine, allowing for precise material placement. 

As well, the RT135 is equipped with the Gehl’s IdealTrax track tensioning system. IdealTrax is designed to reduce maintenance and track replacement costs by automatically tensioning the tracks when the engine is on, eliminating the chance of over-tensioning and extending the life of the tracks by up to 15 per cent. Track tension is released when the engine is turned off, reducing strain on sprockets and bearings.

Additionally, the need for manual tensioning of the tracks and daily tension checks are eliminated with the equipped IdealTrax. 

The Gehl RT135 track loader is compatible with most allied track loader attachments. The Gehl exclusive All-Tach universal attachment system allows the RT135 track loader to meet the needs of any project.

An optional Power-A-Tach system engages and disengages an attachment without the operator having to leave the operator station, providing an increase in efficiency and safety. Additional optional features on the RT135 include a back-up camera and a self-levelling hydraulic lift that keeps the attachment level throughout the raise/lift cycle.