Two new crawler loaders unveiled by John Deere

Deere crawler loaders
The 755K crawler loader is one of two additions to the John Deere crawler loader lineup.

John Deere is introducing two new crawler loaders equipped with Tier 4 Final engines.

The 655K and 755K crawler loaders serve as the latest additions to the crawler loader lineup and provide operators with increased productivity and uptime, as well as lower daily operating costs.

Designed and manufactured in Dubuque, Iowa, the new crawler loaders feature familiar designs, systems and components consistent with other product lines throughout the John Deere crawler family.

“Keeping customers top-of-mind, our goal is to provide fleet managers and operators with equipment capable of maximizing efficiency on all fronts,” said Nathan Horstman, product marketing manager of crawler loaders for John Deere Construction & Forestry. “The 655K and 755K exemplify our commitment to producing equipment featuring industry-leading technology engineered to minimize downtime and grant users an innovative, reliable crawler loader solution.”

Featuring a certified Final Tier 4 John Deere PVS 6.8-litre engine, the 655K and 755K use the building-block approach based on a solid foundation of John Deere engines.

As well, both crawler loaders exhibit a rise in overall horsepower. The 655K’s net power has increased from 145 hp to 155 hp, while the 755K’s net power has increased to 194 hp from its previous 190 hp.

Hydrostatic transmission

The 655K and 755K boast hydrostatic transmissions, a feature John Deere pioneered in crawlers in North America in 1976. The transmission provides customers with infinite speed control, power management, live power turns, counter rotation while staying in gear and dynamic braking. Furthermore, Total Machine Control allows customized machine response that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual operators.

Hydrostatic transmission control options give operators the ability to choose between multiple transmission control settings — speed-in-grip and a v-pattern control with foot pedal steering.

Inside the cab, on-board hydrostatic and hydraulic pressure sensors make it quick and easy to read pressures in both the hydrostatic and hydraulic systems without the need for external gauges. Via the monitor, a technician can quickly gain access to important system pressure data.

Both the 655K and 755K crawler loaders are equipped with Eco Mode, yielding up to 20 per cent less fuel consumption with no loss in productivity. When enabled, Eco Mode optimizes fuel economy while maintaining ground speed by automatically adjusting engine speed and transmission settings based on the load. When a heavy load is encountered, engine speed increases rapidly to ensure power is available to push through the load. Eco Mode works in both forward and reverse directions to improve overall fuel economy and productivity.

Another key fuel-saving feature, auto idle, automatically lowers engine speed when the machine is not moving and no functions are being activated. An adjustable timer can be set in the monitor — and coupled with auto shutdown — will lower fuel costs for customers and save warranty hours.

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A new standard reverse camera provides operators with more visibility on the job site. The large colour camera display provides the operator with visibility to the ripper and rear of the machine.

Additional crawler features include increased reliability through optimized hose and harness routings, a Quad-Cool cooling system, keyless start and coded-security modes.