The John Deere 344L compact wheel loader reaches new heights


John Deere CWL operators can now reach new heights with the addition of the high-lift option on its 344L compact wheel loader.

The  High-Lift version of the 344L offers operators increased height and further reach for dumping or stacking, ag material handling, general construction or landscaping and snow removal tasks. 

“The 344L High-Lift was designed to provide operators with increased hinge pin height and dump clearance,” said Grant Van Tine, product marketing manager of compact wheel loaders for John Deere Construction & Forestry.

“It’s important to provide our customers with increasingly versatile compact construction equipment to enable them to work with the variety of trucks, trailers, wagons, bins or hoppers they may encounter on any job site.”

With a maximum hinge pin height of 4.01 metres, the high-lift option offers an additional 29 cm of reach compared to the standard 344L compact wheel loader.

The 344L comes equipped with the industry-exclusive Articulation-Plus steering system, which enables operators to maximize productivity with the ability to move faster and increase lifting capacity with the new high-lift option when moving or placing materials overhead.

The design features an articulated frame with 30 degrees of articulation on the front wheels and 10 degrees on the rear wheel.

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When equipped with a quick coupler and bucket, full-turn tipping load on the 344L High-Lift is 4,700 kg, allowing operators to confidently lift heavy masses overhead, while simultaneously leveraging the 344L compact wheel loader’s design, which includes a tighter turning radius, improved stability and additional supported lift capacity.

The 344L compact wheel loader delivers 103 hp of maximum peak power, enable operators to deliver big results.

In March 2018, Deere revealed several changes to the 344L, its largest compact wheel loader. The revamp included several industry-exclusive features to boost speed, comfort and uptime.