A one-spot fuel stop from Western Global

western global fuel island

Western Global created its new Fuel Island to ensure heavy equipment keeps running on large or remote worksites, where resources are limited.

The Fuel Island is a ready-to-use, portable fuel station with remote monitoring technology. It pairs Western Global’s TransTank fuel tanks with the necessary components and equipment to create a fuel station that can be immediately deployed.

“If you have a jobsite that’s very large you’re going to have some pretty significant fuel needs,” said Christina Wiese, senior marketing coordinator for Western Global.

“All the dispensing and pumping equipment is contained in one turnkey unit. There’s nothing you have to install on site.”

With its integrated, cloud-based remote monitoring equipment, fuel consumption can be accurately tracked, saving time and resources.

“By monitoring fuel usage, it’s allowing you to determine when you need a secondary delivery,” Wiese said.

west global fuel optionsCardlock control

For security, a lockable equipment cabinet houses all components, while a cardlock controls who is able to access fuel.

“Someone would actually have to go up to the fuel island in their vehicle punch in a specific code or scan an RFID tag to recognize the user,” Wiese said. “That way you’re not allowing people to come in and steal your fuel. It’s very secure.”

Furthermore, the Fuel Island may be configured with either an in-cabinet or out-of-cabinet solution to ensure there is a fully compliant design for just about every jurisdiction and fuel type.

At the centre of every Fuel Island is its tank.

The TransTank P-Series, from Western Global’s line of stationary bulk storage fuel containers, ensures environmental safety with double-walled tanks with spill containment.

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Available in capacities ranging from 11,828 litres to 67,119 litres, TransTank P-Series tanks are designed with an access manway on top, as well as a built-in ladder, to simplify routine maintenance and inspections.

Every package includes a fuel tank on a skid mount, dispensing equipment, a fuel inventory monitoring system, cardlock equipment, an electrical panel and all necessary plumbing and wiring. Western Global’s operations team pre-assembles and installs all components so every Fuel Island is delivered ready to use.

“Site setup and installation time is greatly reduced compared to a conventional site-built solution, as the Fuel Islands are largely ‘ready to use’ when they arrive,” said Bob Lennox, Western Global’s North American fuel solutions group sales lead.