Doosan tweaks its DA30-5 articulated dump truck

doosan DA30-5

Doosan has revamped its DA30-5 articulated dump truck (ADT) to include numerous performance and productivity updates.

A significant development in the new DA30-5 ADT – rated in the popular 30-metric-ton size class – is a new front suspension.

The front suspension has been updated to a hydro-gas, self-levelling system to provide greater shock absorption.

“A number of customers said improvements were needed on the front suspension. The engineers took that and decided to utilize a similar concept to the DA40, said Doosan’s marketing manager Aaron Kleingartner.

Combined, these suspension system features allow for better driving comfort, especially when the truck is being driven while empty on a construction jobsite or at a mining operation.

“When it’s empty, the characteristics of the machine are vastly different, and a lot of time, the vehicle is empty,” Kleingartner said.

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From a technical standpoint, the truck’s hydro-gas cylinders are connected to pressure accumulators, and the accumulators and hydraulic system replace the previous shock absorbers and a rubber spring. The suspension of the updated DA30-5 includes a self-levelling feature and the ability to change the characteristics by adjusting the pressure.

Redesigned cab

The DA30-5 cab interior was redesigned to provide better ergonomics and more operator comfort, taking into consideration input from current owners and operators. There are more than a dozen new features inside the completely new layout of the Doosan DA30-5 cab to enhance the driving experience.

“Inside the cab, you’ll really notice we’ve made a lot of strides to make it more comfortable for the operator,” Kleingartner said.

These include a new dashboard with a modified shape and a soft-touch automotive material, making it easier to clean, and a high-quality finish and appearance. Updates to the truck’s vehicle control unit (VCU) include more robust hardware; better processors; more input channels for customized functions or further technology developments; and high-quality, automotive-style connectors.

“The truck’s new monitor in the cab has bigger indicators for easier reading. User-friendly graphics and icons can be controlled by buttons on the display panel, and the panel now has the capability to display multiple cameras views for increased visibility around the ADT.

“As they’re driving, we want them focused on their environment and work area,” Kleingartner said. “We also want to make sure they’re aware of how the machine is functioning.”

Lower operating cost

Updates to the DA30-5 provide lower operating costs for owners as there are fewer service points with fewer oil types in the driveline and increased intervals for transmission oil changes.

‘There’s one oil to stock. There’s one oil to keep on the shelf for the customer or dealer. This helps to improve serviceability,” Kleingartner said.

A new cab tilting system allows service technicians to lift and close the cab in a few minutes. As well, the truck is no longer built with rubber springs in the suspension, and there are only four rubber components in the entire front and rear suspension.

Safety features

New DA30-5 safety features include a new control panel with a power cut off switch and a bright LED indication lamp which indicates when it is safe to switch off the power cutoff. In prior iterations of the DA30 ADT, the limited slip differential was operated manually. Other features include a new easy-to-use lever for retarder steering – a new, more precise brake system for increased sensitivity and performance – and an extra hand grip on the right-hand side. Out of the Doosan DA30-5 cab, a new all-round hand grip rail has been installed for improved safety for moving round the outside of the truck for maintenance and cleaning tasks.

New colour scheme

A new paint scheme has been designed in the updated DA30-5 to better fit within the Doosan equipment lineup. The trucks’ bottom structure is painted gray. The gray colour is painted on the fenders, mudguards, hydraulic and diesel tank, articulation, rear frame and wheel hubs.

“It’s very specifically similar to wheel loaders introduced this year to really fortify our brand identity,” Kleingartner said. “Our brand identity team has really worked hard to change the look and feel of the machine.”

Powered by a 370 hp diesel engine, the updated DA30-5 meets Tier 4 emission regulations through the use of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technologies, with an electronic brake system, one of four brake systems on the trucks. As well, the ADT does not require a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to meet the emission regulations in North America.

The new version of the DA30-5, which is produced at the company’s Norway factory, is expected to be available in July.