Terex Utilities to centralize operations

Terex utilities

Terex Utilities has announced a plan to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on a 55-acre site in Watertown, South Dakota.

Through the new facility, Terex Utilities will house all of its assembly, fibreglass, paint and installation for the company’s aerial devices, digger derrick and auger drills.

By consolidating from the company’s 10 existing facilities to one, Terex Utilities aims to enhance its production efficiency and improve product lead times.

“Terex Utilities is a core business in Terex Corporation’s portfolio,” said John Garrison, president and chief executive officer of Terex Corporation.

“This investment will allow the company to respond to customer needs with a new facility that simplifies operations, drives better performance and provides a work environment that will not only attract top talent, but will be a place where people can build long-term careers in manufacturing.”

Over the years, the company’s current campus evolved through various acquisitions and the growth of expanding product lines, which complicated the manufacturing process.

“Bringing production operations under one roof, so that material and people only have to travel feet instead of miles, will greatly reduce lead times, improve internal communications, and provide team members with greater access to safety, quality and management support and resources,” said Clint Weber, vice president and general manager of Terex Utilities.

“We are building for the future. The new facility will tap into state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and automation systems. For example, an LED lighting system will integrate Bluetooth and LED pulse signal systems to allow us to accurately track flow of parts through production.”

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The company expects operations to begin in the new facility by the end of 2019.

Terex Utilities is a global supplier of insulated utility equipment.

Founded in 1945 under the Telelect brand, Terex Utilities has a history of pioneering innovations in the utility market — from being the first to introduce fibreglass booms for live line work in the 1950s to the release of Load Alert in 2016.

“This facility will help us attract the talent we need to continue growing, innovating, and leading our industry,” Weber said.