Doosan introduces next-generation mini excavators in US and Canada

Doosan DX55R-7 mini excavator dumping bucket of material on a job site.

After previewing the machines at a trade media event in December of 2021, Doosan Infracore North America has now made four next-generation -7-series mini excavators available in the United States and Canada.

This initial launch includes four models, and, according to the company, more mini excavators will be announced in the coming months.

These completely new machines are designed and manufactured by Doosan and equipped with its family of products, including Doosan engines and diagnostics.

The first four excavator models include the zero tail swing DX27Z-7, DX35Z-7 and DX50Z-7, as well as the reduced tail swing DX55R-7.

With the release of the DX27Z-7, Doosan looks to extend the appeal of its mini excavator lineup to customers in need of a smaller machine.

“This is a significant milestone for Doosan as we bring an all-new lineup of mini excavators to North America,” says Aaron Kleingartner, product and dealer marketing manager. “A few years ago, we expanded our mini excavator offering and the response from our dealers and customers was very positive. Now we can provide a Doosan-designed family of mini excavators from 2.7 metric tons up to approximately 9.0 metric tons to match our customers’ needs.”


The Doosan -7 Series mini excavators come with a newly designed platform to improve structural durability and machine robustness.

According to the company, customers can improve productivity from the -7 Series mini excavators thanks to an increase in counterweight.

Furthermore, the additional counterweight enhances the excavator’s structural durability while enabling offset digging, without needing to reposition the machine. Also, the counterweight design enhances lift-over-side capacity.

As an option, a long arm design is available select new models. This longer arm provides operators with greater reach, dump height and dig depth. According to Doosan, some customers prefer to upgrade to a long arm design and avoid purchasing a larger machine for greater dig depth within the same size of excavator.


Each new -7 model is available with attachments, including buckets, quick coupler and thumb. The quick coupler reduces the time it takes to switch attachments, which can impact operator productivity and ensure the correct bucket is paired with the digging requirements.

Excavator owners can further expand the machines’ versatility by operating approved attachments, such as augers, hydraulic breakers, plate compactors, rippers and grapples. 

“All of our -7 Series mini excavators have a quick-coupler-ready design with auxiliary hydraulics installed to the base of the excavator arm,” Kleingartner says. “Customers won’t need additional accessories to install a quick coupler to the mini excavator. We also offer adjustable auxiliary hydraulic flow which optimizes the response of hydraulic attachments, including thumbs, hydraulic breakers and augers.”

Flush-face couplers on the end of the hydraulic hoses allow for quick, easy connections when using hydraulic-powered attachments.

Also, an optional second set of hydraulics can be added for those who need to operate multifunctional attachments that require additional hydraulic flow. For example, secondary auxiliary hydraulics are ideal for using tiltrotator accessories with mini excavators.


Doosan -7 Series mini excavators come standard with enclosed cabs that feature heat and air conditioning and multiple vents throughout.

Available for further operator comfort are a heated seat and fold-up foot pedals for additional floor space. Also, an open canopy is available as an option and comes with a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS).

For enhanced visibility from inside the cab, the -7 Series mini excavators are designed with full glass, framed doors for a clear view of the area alongside the machine.

Additionally, a new rear-view camera is available as an option for increased visibility behind the excavator. This specific option requires the machine to be configured with the 5.7-inch LCD monitor.

Standard LED lamps illuminate the work area and ensure the operator can see the excavator workgroup, particularly the attachment, when working in low-light areas.

The joysticks in Doosan -7 Series mini excavators are now similar to those installed in large Doosan crawlers and wheel excavators. This makes it easy for operators to move from a mini excavator to a larger machine or vice versa and operate with confidence. On the right joystick, a thumb switch controls the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic functions. A thumb switch on the left joystick controls the excavator’s boom swing. 


A swing-open tailgate and side-access hood provide easy access to the excavator’s engine and pump package, valve bank, cooling system and hydraulic system. Everyday maintenance items like filters, fluids, air cleaner and battery are also easy to reach. A centralized grease bank makes it simple for operators to properly add grease to the machine. Additional maintenance features include a battery disconnect switch and colour-coded and labeled wiring and hydraulic hoses

Doosan telematics

Available for the first time on Doosan mini excavators is a standard telematics system. The DoosanCONNECT® Telematics system comes with every Doosan -7 Series mini excavator model, making it easy for owners to remotely monitor and maintain their machine. This is the same system that is available for larger Doosan construction equipment and owners can monitor their entire Doosan fleet through a smartphone app or web browser.

Furthermore, owners can use the systems’ anti-theft feature to remotely keep track of the machine. The system can alert owners when a machine is moved outside of an area and can notify owners if a machine is being operated during an unauthorized time.


The DX27Z-7 is a new size class for the North American lineup. It includes features brand new to the Doosan mini excavator line. For example, the new rear-view camera allows an operator to navigate a full 360 degrees on jobsites.

Other features include a 3-foot 7-inch standard-thumb-ready arm and an 11.8-inch rubber track undercarriage. At 60 inches wide, this machine can fit in many confined jobsites.

Doosan DX27Z-7 mini excavator


The DX35Z-7 features a zero tail swing design with a rounded shape, making it easy to navigate confined or crowded work sites.

Other new features include an efficient Doosan diesel engine, a wider cabin for added comfort and a high luminous LED lamp for improved visibility in low-light conditions.

An enclosed cab, powerful new heating and cooling system, 5.7-inch, full-color LCD monitor and DoosanCONNECT telematics are standard.

Doosan DX35Z-7 mini excavator


The new 48.8-hp Doosan DX50Z-7 mini excavator is part of the 5-metric-ton size class. Its zero tail swing design makes it a popular choice for customers working in confined spaces on construction jobsites or landscaping projects. A steel track option is available as an upgrade. Standard attachments for the DX50Z-7 mini excavator include a bucket, quick coupler and a thumb.

Doosan DX50Z-7 mini excavator


The DX55R-7 mini excavator is a new offering in the Doosan lineup. Positioned between the DX50Z-7 and DX62R, the reduced tail swing excavator is part of the popular 5-metric-ton size class. Standard features of the Doosan DX55R-7 mini excavator include an enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning, heated adjustable seat, 5.7-inch, full-color LCD monitor, Bluetooth audio, auxiliary hydraulics and quick coupler piping. Options include an 8-inch LCD monitor, second auxiliary hydraulics, rear-view camera, steel tracks and rotating beacon. Approved attachments from Doosan for the DX55R-7 include buckets, quick coupler and thumb.

Doosan DX55R-7 mini excavator