Doosan debuts its -7 wheel loaders

The new -7 Doosan loaders mark a significant milestone in the manufacturer’s lineup

Doosan Infracore North America has launched its new -7 wheel loaders, the first machines in the company’s next generation lineup.

The loaders are equipped with all-new redesigned cabs, increased bucket capacities and new, fuel-saving technologies.

The Doosan -7 series loaders currently includes seven models, with standard bucket capacities between 2.8 and 5.8 cubic metres, and are now available in Canada and the United States.

Doosan also plans to introduce five additional models with bucket capacities between 2 and 2.5 cubic metres in early 2022. The wheel loaders launching in 2022 will include the tool carrier versions for two models.

The recently-released -7 loaders include the DL280-7 (replaces the DL280-5), DL320-7 (replaces the DL300-5), DL380-7 (replaces the DL350-5), DL420-7 (replaces the DL420-5), DL480-7 (replaces the DL450-5), DL550-7 (replaces the DL550-5) and the DL580-7 (replaces the DL580-5).

“It’s really our first major design shift in about 10 years with our machines,” said Aaron Kleingartner, dealer and product marketing manager at Doosan Infracore North America.

“The last few years we’ve really focused on tier engine updates, while incorporating a few small features and benefits along the way. This is really that kind of next gen product, and we’re excited to start with our wheel loaders.”

New look, new cab

The most noticeable change to Doosan’s wheel loader line is a new, award-winning exterior design. The completely redesigned, more comfortable cab is a close second.

“The aesthetics and styling are night and day,” said Bill Zak, Doosan’s wheel loader product specialist. “But that’s not what’s going to get the job done. So, the biggest difference is when we jump into the cab.”

The -7 cab layout has relocated important and frequently used controls for easier, more intuitive use. All Doosan -7 loaders have the same control setup, so operators won’t miss a beat when moving from machine to machine.

To visibility from the cab, the total glass area is 14 per cent larger than prior models and a full glass door improves visibility on the left side. Large mirrors extend the operator’s view to the side and rear of the machine. As well, a standard rearview camera provides an additional view of the machine’s surroundings and appears on the 20-cm Doosan Smart Touch display. Operators can raise or lower the display to a comfortable height without tools.

The heating and cooling system is redesigned from previous Doosan wheel loaders, with new outlet locations to optimize air flow in the cab. Legroom is also increased from previous generations, and additional in-cab storage has been added near the USB charging port.

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As an option, electric steering is available for select -7 Series models. In models with this feature, the electronic joystick, which operators can customize to their sensitivity preference, is integrated into the left armrest.

“It’s become increasingly difficult for our customers to hire heavy equipment operators,” Kleingartner said. “Our investments in operator comfort provide an exceptional cab that makes it a pleasant experience for long days in the cab. We’re convinced that cabs today are among the most comfortable operating stations, which we hope will help our customers retain their operators.”

Bigger bucket capacity

Bucket capacities (for select models) are 7 per cent larger than prior models. These select Doosan models include the DL320-7, DL380-7, DL480-7 and DL580-7. The increased capacity can provide faster, easier loading in fewer passes.

To enable these greater capacities, the loaders feature stronger, larger axles and a strengthened box frame. Large centre bearings and self-centering, double-tapered roller bearings distribute vertical and horizontal loads over a larger area. The bearings have dust seals and covers and are vented to prevent grease overfill. 

As well, the axles offer improved braking capacity to extend the lifetime of the brake discs. Other improvements that enhance durability include a new radiator with fin spacing that is 40 per cent wider than previous generations. The wider spacing makes the radiator less prone to clogging and easier to clear of dirt, dust and other large debris. 

The -7 loaders are also equipped with a standard reversible fan, adjustable from the Doosan Smart Touch screen, to further improves cooling system performance. The fan is hydraulically driven with variable speeds that are proportional to the operating temperature. The fan easily folds out of the way for cleaning the radiator. An automatic lubrication system is a new factory option for Doosan -7 Series wheel loaders, and it includes full warranty coverage. The system delivers grease at the middle of the pins and bushings for better distribution.

Alongside the -7 wheel loaders, Doosan also plans to unveil other next generation machines in the coming months.