Volvo CE adds new features to wheel loader productivity software

Volvo Load Assist for wheel loaders.

Volvo Construction Equipment has announced new functionality for Load Assist, its productivity program run on the Co-Pilot tablet in the cab of Volvo CE wheel loaders.

“These enhancements will help operators get even more from their Volvo wheel loader, and they add to the existing core functionality of Load Assist, which 10,000 operators have benefitted from to date,” said Eric Yeomans, product manager, wheel loaders, at Volvo CE. “We are continuously evolving our Assist programs, and customers can expect further upgrades in the future.”

New weighing modes

Load Assist is a suite of apps operated by the Volvo Co-Pilot in-cab display. According to Volvo CE, one of the most popular apps is On-Board Weighing, which provides real-time insight into the bucket’s load within +/-1% accuracy.

Volvo Load Assist for wheel loaders.

The company has introduced Simple Mode, which simplifies On-Board Weighing to three core functions: current load, loaded weight and simplified receipt printing.

Also, another new feature of On-Board Weighing is Low Load Mode, which allows operators to weigh lighter materials and loads than with previous iterations of the software.

Advancements in Operator Coaching

Volvo Load Assist’s Operator Coaching app now includes a host of advanced features, including two new views. The Productivity View allows operators to monitor tons moved per gallon, tons moved per hour and fuel consumed per hour. This can be displayed as a total for the entire work shift, including idle time, or only for the active work. Also, the data can be broken down according to short cycles or load and carry cycles.

A new Utilization View displays an overview of the time spent, productivity achieved and fuel consumed during different tasks. For example, two of the overviews that can be displayed include amount of fuel consumed by travel and percentage of time spent idling.

Furthermore, Operator Tips and Quick Tips are new features available in this advanced package. Operator Tips provides feedback at the end of a shift, including a QR code that links to a relevant instructional video on anything that can be improved. Quick Tips shows messages that inform an operator’s use of specific apps and functions found within the Volvo Co-Pilot display.

Expanded availability of tire pressure monitoring

The tire pressure monitoring system, introduced in 2020 on Volvo L110H to L350H wheel loaders, has been made available for Volvo’s L60H, L70H and L90H models. This system allows the operator to check the condition of the tires from the within the cab. For example, the operator receives an alert and visual display showing which tire needs attention.