Curb Roller launches new Badger Curb Maker at World of Concrete

Curb Roller's Badger Curb Maker being used on job site.

Curb Roller Manufacturing has introduced the Badger Curb Maker for monolithic pours.

According to Curb Roller, the Badger Curb Maker has been designed to seamlessly shape and finish curbs, support user efficiency and reduce the need for extra equipment, transportation and labour.

The Badger Curb Maker is battery-powered and lightweight, and delivers high-quality, uniform results for concrete pours.

Curb Roller showcased the Badger Curb Maker at World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

“There has been a growing demand for monolithic pours from operations both large and small as they look to improve their efficiency,” said Seth Ulmer, sales manager at Curb Roller Manufacturing. “The Badger Curb Maker increases productivity for curbing work by up to 150%.  This product turned a once tedious task into a quick procedure that can be completed by almost anyone on a jobsite.”

Traditionally, there are three ways contractors have completed monolithic concrete pours: with expensive slipform pavers, or by hand shaping or face forming, both of which require highly skilled labor and more materials.

With the Badger Curb Maker, Curb Roller is looking to offer a cost-effective, battery-powered solution that is easy to learn and provides consistent results with less reliance on the operator’s skill level.

With monolithic pours, contractors skip the step of an additional pour before placing and finishing the curb.

Once concrete is poured and the flatwork is completed either by a roller screed or a laser screed, the Badger Curb Maker is positioned along its perimeter to form the concrete to the shape of the curb.

One operator oversees the equipment by wearing an adjustable waist belt to guide and pull the Badger Curb Maker as it spins in the opposite direction to put the concrete in place. Another crew member manages the concrete with a rake or shovel to ensure the correct amount of material is in front of the machine.

Also, the battery-powered Badger Curb Maker joins the growing trend of battery-powered equipment on job sites. It provides a portable, cord-free solution for sites with limited space.

It is powered by a 12 amp-hour DeWalt battery—compatible with many other tools on job sites—which has the capability to complete a length of concrete curb as long as 150-200 linear feet with a single charge.

“We are passionate about providing safe, efficient, user-friendly solutions for our customers,” Ulmer said. “The debut of the Badger Curb Maker demonstrates our commitment to further innovate the market and help our customers continue to find new ways to improve their bottom line.”

The Badger Curb Maker meets the needs of contractors who are not only looking for a more efficient way to shape a new curb for a parking lot or street, but also for projects like patching or repairing old infrastructure.

Like Curb Roller Manufacturing’s Curb Roller product, the Badger Curb Maker can be paired with a variety of drums to meet curb specification requirements, including many customizable drum widths and sizes.

According to Curb Roller Manufacturing, it will continue to offer its monolithic setup on the Curb Roller, as well as the Hydra-Screed with large custom drum options, to provide additional solutions for monolithic pours.