Curb Roller Manufacturing creates custom drums for tricky concrete pours

curb roller

Curb Roller Manufacturing is creating specially-designed custom drums to make challenging concrete pours achievable.

Leveraging experience the company encountered with the launch of the curbing machine and custom drum shapes, Curb Roller ventured into a new area where their shaped concrete expertise could improve efficiency, reduce required labour and boost productivity. 

The custom solutions pair with the Curb Roller’s Hydra-Screed 3000 to allow for faster production times on projects that would normally require multiple pours.

“Having worked as a concrete contractor for a number of years, I have firsthand knowledge of the complexity that accompanies pouring a concrete spillway or flume. Some of these projects can seem completely impossible,” said Seth Ulmer, sales manager at Curb Roller Manufacturing. 

“At Curb Roller, we strive to make the impossible not only possible, but profitable as well. Our custom drum designs enable contractors to complete a challenging pour without having to break it into multiple parts. It’s an ideal solution to accelerate productivity and minimize labour.”

The custom rollers are ideal for unique shape requirements or large pours on jobs like drainage systems or spillways. 

Curb Roller designs the drum to exact specifications, working with the project engineers to make sure the drum meets all project requirements. The drums are built to spec and are usually created in about a month or less, depending on shape and size.

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“A Curb Roller custom drum reduces labour requirements and time on projects, while also creating an increase in overall profitability on those challenging jobs,” Ulmer said.  “The drums are used on anything from street work, medians and V-gutters, to flume and other specialty applications. The single pour approach eliminates the need for construction joints, dowelling and pinning, and reduces the need for additional forming.” 

Operators pair the custom drum with the Hydra-Screed 3000, Curb Roller’s two-operator hydraulically powered screed system that allows for continuous pours in applications like flatwork or flumes. 

The Hydra-Screed achieves job completion in half the time of alternative hand shaping methods and offers removable drive ends to quickly change different lengths of pipe or profile shapes. 

The custom drum solutions can be applied to applications as wide as 7.9 metres and as deep as 1.2 metres and can be created in a variety of shapes to meet job specifications. 

Curb Roller has manufactured concrete roller screeds for more than 10 years. Their flagship product, the award-winning CM4000 Curb Roller, opened the door for additional products like the Hydra-Screed and the battery-powered Batt Screed and corded Eel Screed.