Caterpillar is entering the UTV market with the introduction of the gasoline-powered CUV82 and diesel-powered CUV102D.

The new vehicles are built with a four-wheel independent suspension system with a front sway bar to provide stability at full load. As well, long swing-arm suspension, custom-tuned springs and shocks deliver a balance between a smooth ride and hauling loads.

“These Cat UTVs have been designed specifically to serve the needs of our existing customers as well as new customers,” said Bob DeLange, Caterpillar Construction Group President.

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Cat decided to enter the UTV space based on demand from its customers as well as dealers.

“Not only has the utility vehicle business been growing itself, it’s been growing in work type applications,” said Norma Aldinger, marketing supervisor at Cat.

The UTVs efficiently complete hauling tasks, and quickly maneuver over rugged terrain at speeds reaching 72 km/h for the gasoline model or 40 km/h for the diesel version. depending on the model. The CUV82 is powered by a 0.8L three-cylinder gasoline engine delivering 50 hp, while a 1.0L three-cylinder diesel engine delivers 25 hp power to the CUV102D.

“We started with a clean sheet design and took a lot of feedback from our dealers and customers,” Aldinger said. “We took this vehicle and applied the same discipline in product development and testing that we do in our other category products.”

Haul cargo with confidence

To accommodate the demand for a work-related UTV, the CUV82 and CUV102D include a steel cargo bed and offer 454 kg total rear cargo capacity and 907 kg towing capacity.

“When you’re under that load, we wanted to make sure this unit is safe and stable,” Aldinger said.

The column shifter allows operators to easily move through all the gears. As well, both models feature a continuously variable transmission, tuned specifically for work applications. The choice of two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive or four-wheel drive/lock modes allows operators to match vehicle drive to ground conditions.

A smooth ride

The design minimizes noise and vibration during operation for a quieter ride. The CUV82 and CUV102D comfortably seat two riders side-by-side. Driver and passenger seats are both sewn for comfort as well as durability, and the driver’s seat position and steering wheel adjust to ensure a comfortable fit. Furthermore, the passenger seat base may be removed and stowed behind the driver seat to create floor space for hauling oversized items.

Easy to operate  

Electric power steering provides advanced handling and tight turning capabilities. The instrument gauge offers easy viewing of information such as ground speed, engine speed, operating hours, odometer, battery voltage, engine temperature and fuel level.

To customize the vehicles for specific work needs, customers may select from more than 50 accessories. Multiple cab options with sealed surfaces on the ROPS structure provide a weather tight enclosure, while other offerings include snow plows, heater, front winch and power dump. The vehicles are prewired for quick do-it-yourself installation of all options.

The UTVs will be available throughout Canada (excluding Quebec) by summer of 2018.