Impact crusher delivers higher production, power and efficiency

impact crusher

McCloskey International has introduced a new version of its I44R mobile impact crusher.
The I44Rv3 combines the productivity of a 112-cm impactor with the versatility of a full screening and recirculating system, allowing operators to produce a crushed and screened final product with one machine.

Following worldwide field site visits, the feedback from the customers resulted in significant changes to the machine, including direct drive, an enhanced material flow path, larger pre-screen and a more open chassis.

“Getting feedback from our customers allows us to continually improve our products based on their production and business needs. The re-design of the impact crusher line has resulted from a collaboration between McCloskey and our customers,” said Paschal McCloskey, President and CEO of McCloskey International.

The I44Rv3’s radial return conveyor includes full-length dust suppression control, which allows operators to recirculate oversized material from the screenbox back to the feed hopper or radial a complete 90 degrees while in operation.

Other new features include an open chassis for ease-of-access, a larger double deck prescreen for more efficient fines removal and a direct drive crusher, which delivers more power and lower fuel costs.

Efficiency is boosted with the new design, particularly in the material flow path. Each sectional component is wider than the last to allow an unrestricted flow without funneling or narrowing, eliminating material bridging. The straight sided chutes manage the material as it passes through each section that is wider than the last – feeder, to prescreen, and chamber to a wider optional underpan.

The I44Rv3’s new larger 2.1 metre double deck prescreen brings more efficient fines removal to production, maximizes the crusher’s productivity, and delivers screened product via a straight chute to the 650mm side conveyor. The main conveyor is now wider (1,200 mm) to accommodate a larger amount of prescreen material and to allow for better discharge from the crushing chamber.

“These design modifications take their production to a new level, and we will continue to look at new and innovative ways to develop our products to meet the unique challenges of projects around the globe.,” McCloskey said.