Cat boosts payload on new underground articulated truck

articulated truck

Cat’s new AD63 underground articulated truck delivers a 5 per cent increase in payload, as well as more torque, compared to its predecessor. 

The new AD63, which replaces the AD60, may also be configured to meet strict diesel engine emissions regulations, for both regulatory compliance and improved underground air quality.

Alongside payload improvements, Cat has also updated operator ergonomics, maintenance access and data collection for machine health monitoring. 

The AD63 delivers a 63 tonne payload, making it the largest underground truck in the Caterpillar product line. 

Powertrain performance

The new underground articulated truck is powered by the Cat C27 diesel engine, which produces 789 hp, meets EU Stage V emission standards and is approved by CANMET for use in underground mines. As well, the AD63 does not require diesel exhaust fluid to meet these standards. The emissions control system maintains the ability to use diesel particulate filters, such as the Cat Wall Flow Filter, to further reduce particulate emissions.

As well, the AD63 powertrain features a new torque converter gear ratio to increase peak torque and improve gear retention on variable grades. The optimized transmission shift strategy results in smoother uphill driving and greater operator comfort. The new torque converter also increases rimpull when driving away from a stop.

The AD63 engine package has extended altitude capability—from a negative 3,048 metres to positive 1,524 metres. The new engine cooling package maintains capabilities at high ambient temperatures. Furthermore, the new design and routing of cooling air improves serviceability, and the radiator core has serviceable tubes for fast repairs.   

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In the cab of the articulated truck, a ducted ventilation and air conditioning system provides the operator with full control with nine adjustable vents for comfortable cooling and defogging. 

The HVAC system is powered by a battery electric system, allowing it to be operated when the engine is not running, which pays off in less engine idling and lower operating costs.

The new cab arrangement features a forward-facing trainer seat offering increased space and comfort for the trainer. The new tilt cab feature gives maintenance personnel the ability to tilt the cab for access to  the engine for easier and faster access to components. Outside the cab, a redesigned access ladder and fold-flat handrails enhance safety during maintenance.

Articulated truck tech

The new AD63 articulated truck incorporates Product Link Elite as standard equipment to enable data collection and equipment health monitoring. The system allows sharing data across multiple destinations, reducing gaps in data or lost data due to network issues, and has direct connectivity to Caterpillar and Cat dealers for remote support and services, such as condition monitoring.

The AD63 also has external displays showing the weight of the articulated truck contents to the loader operator. Instant feedback for the loader operator enables more efficient passes and optimum truck loads. Displays are on both sides of the truck.  

In addition to new technology, Caterpillar has added the option of a new lightweight dump body, with a 38.3 cubic metre capacity. The AD63 maintains commonality with other AD60 bodies.

The new articulated truck model will be available in late 2020.