HiCARE added to Hyundai Intelligence Care

Hyundai HiCare

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has integrated the new HiCARE into the the Hyundai Intelligence Care brand. 

The new service, Hyundai HiCARE augments the company’s popular HiMATE remote management application, and establishes a support platform to facilitate both factories and dealers to provide remote support to their customers. 

“The expansion and integration of capabilities under the Hyundai Intelligence Care banner demonstrates Hyundai’s continued leadership and innovation in service and operation support technologies,” said M.S. Kang, president of Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas.

HiCARE integration

Hyundai HiCARE functions as a support platform, managed by Hyundai at its HiCARE Center within its corporate office. 

HiCARE integrates information from several sources, including warranty data, HiMATE data, oil analysis program results and other engine-connected diagnostics (ECD) reports from Hyundai’s collaboration with Cummins. 

“Through HiCARE, we can offer fleet monitoring and management services to larger fleet owners,” said Stephen Adamczyk, service manager at Hyundai Intelligence Care. “These services include evaluating overall performance and recommending improvements. For example, through HiCARE analyses, we can make suggestions for improving machine utilization and machine optimization. This helps the fleet owner match machines to every job by correct size and production capacity.”

HiCARE includes a new capability called HCE-DT Air (Hyundai Construction Equipment Diagnostics Tool). 

HCE-DT Air is a wireless software application that performs diagnostics tests on machines in the field, using handheld devices such as Android or Apple phones, laptops or tablets. 

SOS is another HiCARE tool. As the name suggests, SOS gives the machine operator a simple way of notifying the Hyundai HiCARE Center or a local dealer of a mechanical problem while the machine is on the job. 

Clicking on the SOS icon on the touchscreen control panel in the operator’s cabin sends the alert. The SOS alert includes data about the specific problem that lets the remote maintenance team determine and implement the right solution.

Hyundai HiDETECT

Hyundai HiDETECT builds on the capabilities of Hyundai All-Around View Monitoring (AAVM) and Intelligent Moving Object-Detection (IMOD) systems. HiDETECT adds warnings to improve safety while working in confined spaces or in high-traffic areas. It even warns of overhead hazards.

“Safety has always been a foundation of the Hyundai brand and a bedrock value that customers find in Hyundai equipment,” Adamczyk said.

“A new system under the Hyundai Intelligence Care brand – HiDETECT – introduces some safety capabilities that can greatly reduce the accident rate of a worksite, reduce costs and enhance the operator’s efficiency.”

HiDETECT also prevents the machine from going beyond certain operational limits. The system limits the excavator arc swing in confined spaces, limits digging depth to avoid known buried infrastructure and limits vertical operations to avoid overhead utilities or other obstacles.

More news from Hyundai

HiDETECT’s Rear Detection System automatically warns the operator of nearby people and obstacles, through radar mounted at the bottom of the machine’s rear grille. This is similar to object-detection systems found in Hyundai automobiles.

A new option available on Hyundai HX series excavators, Hyundai HiASSIST integrates Trimble machine-control systems into the Hyundai control/monitor cluster. 

Benefits of HiASSIST include setting of dig-site parameters and achieving more accurate digs. HiASSIST also integrates with HiMATE to add important machine control features to Hyundai’s remote-management system.