Epiroc’s new blasthole drill promises lower cost per ton

epiroc blasthole drill

Epiroc has introduced the DM30 II SP (Single Pass) rotary blasthole drill for quarrying and small mining operations. 

The crawler-mounted, hydraulic tophead-drive rig offers fast hole-to-hole drilling and a lower cost per ton through single-pass capability, according to the manufacturer. 

Built off the same platform as the Epiroc DM45 and DML blasthole drill rigs, the DM30 II SP is ideal for a variety of single-pass rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling applications. 

Blasthole drill reaches 11 metre depths

The drill is capable of achieving a clean hole depth of 11 metres for single-pass applications. As well, the small footprint of the DM30 II makes it easy to manoeuvrer on tight benches and simple to transport within the pit and over the road between pits.

The DM30 II SP offers a low total cost of ownership, with a structure design life that exceeds 45,000 hours. The single-pass capability allows for faster hole-to-hole drilling and decreases the cost per ton. As well, the blasthole drill’s design and layout grants quick and easy access to all major service points, simplifying maintenance.

“Built off a proven platform and with the new single-pass capability, the DM30 II SP reduces the overall cost of production per ton and improves transportability,” said Heino Hamman, product line manager of blasthole at Epiroc Drilling Solutions.

“It offers high quality at an excellent value — and flexibility for the future.”

The DM30 II SP is designed to handle 10 cm to 16.5 cm drill pipe with a hydraulic pulldown of up to 30,000 foot-pounds and a hole diameter of 14 cm to 20 cm. 

An 11-metre single-pass tower option increases productivity for 8.8 metre to 11 metre  drilling conditions by eliminating the need to add a second drill steel. 

High or low pressure

Customers can choose a low- or high-pressure compressor to create the right configuration for their drilling operation. 

The new DM30 II SP (Single Pass) rotary blasthole drill is also outfitted with several enhancements to help keep operators safe on the job. The DM30 II SP features a FOPS cab, ground-level isolation and an air end safety shutdown system for high-temperature situations. A 1,135 litre fuel tank allows the rig to continuously operate for more than 14 hours before refuelling.

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For increased operator comfort, the blasthole drill features an insulated, pressurized, heated and cooled cab with tinted glass, a suspension seat, 80 dBa noise level and excellent visibility. All operational functions are controlled from the driller’s console, and the ergonomic layout allows operators to instantly switch from drilling to tramming for increased productivity. 

In addition, the electric-over-hydraulic controls are common across the DM series, making operation easy for drillers with DM series experience.

RCS Lite

The DM 30 II SP is easy to upgrade to include automated features. The DM Series drill rig can be equipped with on-board technology capabilities with the optional Epiroc Rig Control System (RCS) Lite for safety and productivity.

Built on the RCS 5 platform that comes standard on the Pit Viper series, RCS Lite offers a number of safety and interlock features. It also provides a convenient foundation to add more functionality and technology options in the future without a major rebuild of the machine. 

RCS Lite allows all Epiroc rotary drills to have the same onboard display and system for consistent operator training and service.