Bobcat expands R2-Series with E32 & E35 excavators

Bobcat E32 R2-Series with boom extended, digging out a trench.

Bobcat is introducing three all-new models to its R2-Series compact excavator lineup. According to the company, the E32, E35 25hp and E35 33hp compact excavators provide all the productivity and power found in Bobcat’s larger excavators in a smaller frame.

“For generations, Bobcat equipment has been known for being one of the most versatile, purpose-built choices on the market,” said Kelly Humble, senior marketing manager of product planning at Doosan Bobcat North America. “The expansion of our R2-Series lineup shows our commitment to providing our customers with workhorses of all sizes, for any application, that will give operators the competitive edge day after day no matter what their tasks.

Precision and performance

Bobcat claims that the integration of a multitude of new features will improve lift capacity and increase operator confidence.

The 33hp iteration of the E35 comes with a Bobcat engine that has undergone a redesign. Accroding to the company, this redesign delivers an increase in efficiency and performance, while also simplifying maintenance procedures.

Also, the company claims that cold weather operation has been enhanced. So, these machines may prove advantageous in Canadian climates—or anywhere low temperatures affect equipment functionality.

Additionally, new low-effort joysticks and a new hydraulic control valve offer improvements in metering, movement and controllability. Advanced hydraulic controls provide horsepower advantages so operators can seamlessly swing the boom while operating an attachment, without sacrificing power.

Bobcat E32 R2-Series with boom extended, digging out a trench.

Operator comfort

According to Bobcat, the design of every cab in the R2-Series enhances operator efficiency, performance and comfort.

The interior houses a control pattern selector underneath the seat, allowing operators to easily switch between ISO and standard controls.

Also, the optional automatic heating and air conditioning adjusts depending on the temperature of the cab, fostering a comfortable environment for the operator.

Furthermore, an optional high-back, heated seat with headrest provides added support.

Owners have the option to add on a waterproof 7-inch touch display. According to Bobcat, this screen is the most advanced compact equipment in-cab display available.

Via a wide and easy-to-use touch screen, operators can access their mobile devices via Bluetooth. Also, they can connect with their dealer or customers easily through a quick contacts option.

Bobcat E35 R2-Series side profile at a sand pit.


The arm-mounted auxiliary hydraulics and attachment hookup interface on the E32 and E35 help operators quickly switch between tasks.

The optional clamp diverter provides the ability to run a variety of attachments without having to disconnect the clamp. Also, the standard lift eye provides a convenient method for handling objects or moving them in or out of trenches.