Tigercat launches 822E series, its most compact track-carrier platform

Product photo of Tigercat 822E.

Tigercat introduces the 822E series feller bunchers and harvesters.

According to Tigercat, the features and upgrades of these machines offer versatility for challenging thinning and final felling applications.

Additionally, a strong lift capacity, tight-tuck ER boom geometry and compact tail-swing make the 822E suitable for selective felling where minimal site impact is important.

The harvester configuration is available with a fixed or leveling undercarriage. Also, high horsepower and the optimization of harvester head hydraulics provides responsive control, quick feed speeds and powerful delimbing capabilities. 

Furthermore, the 822E series carriers can be equipped with the Tigercat FPT N67 non-certified, Tier 4f or Stage V engine, which produces 210 kW (282 hp).

According to Tigercat, an engine enclosure redesign provides ease-of-access to the roof, making it easier to clear debris.

Also, a boom slider reduces debris build-up in hard-to-reach areas. The clamshell style enclosure and drop-down side platform allow easy access to all sides of the engine, valves and daily service points. Additionally, a hot shutdown feature allows the turbo to sufficiently cool before stopping the engine, extending turbo life.

A larger, spring-assisted pump cover improves service access to the hydraulic pump area of the 822E. Additionally, hydraulic improvements include quicker anti-stall response, consistent anti-cavitation flow and advancements in heat rejection.

The E-series cab includes a new parallel action air ride seat with integrated heating and cooling. Also, the reclining seat is fully adjustable with seat angle and seat extension adjustment. 

A full-length front window and narrow side posts offer the operator an expansive view of the tracks and surroundings. The HVAC controls feature a new infinitely variable fan speed control with control panel or touchscreen adjustability. Additional features include an emergency stop button and multiple storage locations with nets to keep objects in place.