Bauer introduces new cutter system for tight jobsites

bauer cutter system

To tackle confined jobsites, Bauer has developed its new BCS 185 compact cutter system.

Bauer brought its first cutter to the market almost 40 years ago. This latest model of the Bauer Cutter Systems (BCS) can cut trenches up to a depth of 90 metres. In addition, the special design of the BCS systems combines proven technology with a variety of other useful features and the necessary modularity for strict transport requirements.

“Our multi-functional MC duty-cycle cranes are used for a wide range of applications, first off as base carriers for our cutters and grabs, but also for lifting work or dynamic soil compaction,” said Leonhard Weixler, Head of the Diaphragm Wall Division at Bauer Maschinen. 

“For anyone who doesn’t require this multi-functionality but needs equipment that is specially optimized for trench cutting, we have extended our BCS cutter portfolio with the newly developed BCS 185. And the feedback from our customers is excellent.” 

Solid base

The base carrier of the new compact cutter system is a Bauer MT 185. The solid design offers high stability and comprehensive health and safety features, including a rearview camera, integrated service platforms and an ergonomic, comfortable cab layout. Operators familiar with the Bauer MC models will feel at home, as the controls in the cab are identical to the Bauer duty-cycle cranes. 

A variety of electronic assistance systems, integrated into the latest version of the Bauer B-Tronic system, support the operator effectively and increase productivity at the same time. The MT 185 is equipped with a fuel-efficient, Volvo engine, which complies to all emissions standards worldwide. 

Adjustable cutter position

The BCS 185 is also available with the Bauer Turning Device, which allows this cutter to work in extremely confined construction sites and will still be able to ‘cut the corners.’ 

This allows the cutter to be twisted within a range of -50 to +95 degrees from its normal position to reach every corner in the excavation pit without a problem. Together with the overall compact dimensions of the BCS 185, the range of efficient cutter applications under restricted space conditions is further enhanced.

“This is making the difference in today’s cutter operations,” Weixler said. 

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The arrangement of the hose drums in the boom is highly streamlined thanks to cutter system, and the 30-tonne winch was specifically designed for use in the mid-sized range.

With the maximum hook load of 43 tonnes, the BCS 185 can be equipped with a wide range of Bauer cutters allowing trench widths of up to 1.5 metres. As well, the Bauer cutter system is not subject to crane permit regulations, hence any requirements for the operators are eliminated. 

The new cutter system made its jobsite debut in the South of China. It had been shipped to the construction site in June and was assembled in a record time of only 22 hours. The first unit in Europe will soon travel to the French city of Toulouse. This BCS 185 will be used on a cutter project together with other Bauer cutters. 

“The BCS series, our MC-based cutter systems as well as our world novelty, the BauerCube System complement one another fantastically,” Weixler said. “And with that, Bauer once again demonstrates why we are the leading manufacturer of the worldwide most productive cutter systems.”