Felco roller compaction buckets arrive in Canada

Felco Roller Compaction Bucket Cat

Felco roller compaction buckets are now available in Canada from MGM Attachments.

The compaction roller buckets combine the performance of Felco’s wheel compactor with an excavator bucket shell. The combination allows an excavator operator to backfill open trenches and compact them using only one attachment. 

This eliminates the transition time switching between a bucket and stand-alone wheel compactor, saving significant time on long pipe jobs. 

Excavator operators can lay more uniform compaction lifts with a more than a 90 per cent compaction rate in most soil types. Using the compactor requires simply grabbing and laying out your lift, curling the bucket and compacting.

The larger roller compaction buckets feature Felco’s sealed journal bearing system that does not require daily maintenance. 

The smaller mini excavator roller compaction buckets have conventional flange type bearings to reduce the weight and cost of the tool.

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