Sandvik unveils new compact and intelligent development drill

Sandvik unveils new compact and intelligent development drill

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions has launched a highly-automated, compact, twin-boom drill for underground development and small-scale tunneling.

The new DD322i is a versatile drill that can be utilized in mining or tunneling applications, and provides a high level of performance, accuracy and reliability. The machine has a new carrier and design, and can tram in small headings, tight corners and intersections because of its compact size, low profile cabin and ‘Boom Control While Tramming’ option.

“Sandvik DD322i was very successful and well-received by our customer during the field testing in Finland earlier this year,” said Jari Talasniemi, product manager for development drills. “The site reported that almost 60 percent of their development drilling during the trial period was completed using Sandvik DD322i. It performed extremely well from day one and the ‘Boom Control While Tramming’ feature was useful for their operation.”

The ‘Boom Control While Tramming’ option allows the operator to simultaneously control the two booms while tramming, ensuring improved control when moving the drill and reducing potential risk of boom damage. The new SB55i booms with two roll-overs ensure improved drilling performance and accuracy, as well as high flexibility to drill crosscut and bolt holes. Also, the machine can be equipped with features such as semi-automatic drill bit changer and tele-remote drilling to make underground operations safer and more productive.

Sandvik DD322i provides flexibility for operations, starting from small size drifts up to 58 square metre coverage area, reaching up to 6.8 metres high and 9.5 metres wide. The new SB55i booms provide 19.3 square metres side coverage, which is over 48 percent more than its predecessor, Sandvik DD321.

The low profile cabin has been redesigned and the new larger glass doors offer 55 percent more visibility, maximizing safety and improving operator comfort while creating a modern, spacious and ergonomic working environment. Also, larger displays provide an improved user interface and Sandvik DD322i is compatible with Sandvik’s digital offering, including Sandvik DrillConnect, iSURE, AutoMine, OptiMine and My Sandvik.

Scalable automation packages and tele-remote drilling are available as options for Sandvik DD322i, enabling better drill utilization and continuous working hours over shift changes and during blasting and ventilation hours.

“Sandvik DD322i offers versatility and flexibility, and sets a new standard for automated features in Sandvik’s underground drilling portfolio,” Talasmiemi said.