National Crane develops truck mounted NBT30H-2 for oil field use

National Crane
National Crane has developed a tractor-mounted version of its NBT30H-2, the NBT30H-2 TM.

Based on customer feedback, National Crane has developed a tractor-mounted version of its popular NBT30H-2.

The 30-ton NBT30H-2 TM was created as a response to the company’s “Voice of the Customer” feedback program. It went from concept to production in just eight months and was designed by a cross-functional team of experts from Manitowoc’s Lift Solutions team and National Crane’s Truck Modification Centre, as well as the company’s engineering team.

The primary application for this machine will be oil field applications, but it will also be viable for everyday taxi crane service.

“The NBT30H-2 TM is the next evolution of the boom truck, adding a tractor mount for oil field and taxi crane work,” said Bob Ritter, product engineering manager at National Crane. “It was built thanks to a winning combination of speed of engineering and focus on the customer.”

The NBT30H-2 TM features a 21-metre boom with a 24-metre max tip height that enables more jobsite utilization than a traditional 15.5 metre tractor mount boom. It also offers 360-degree stability, with and without the trailer attached, thanks to the out and down main outriggers and stabilizers, as well as a fully integrated heavy-duty front outrigger; all of which can be used with full, mid and retracted span chart configurations.

The hoist features a two-speed, high-performance planetary winch with a 119-metre, 14 mm rotation resistant wire rope that has a 3,493 kg single line pull.

A sturdy boom rest has been placed right behind the truck cab for solid boom support in oil field environments. A fixed position fifth wheel maximizes loading distribution on the truck and trailer.

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The trailer itself is detachable, allowing for both oil field and taxi crane work. Finally, with nearly 1.5 metres of truck frame space available between the crane’s frame and the back-of-cab boom rest, customizations such as platform installation, chain rack storage and tool boxes are possible.

As for the crane’s performance and operation, the NBT30H-2 TM features rated capacity limiting (RCL) and anti-two block (ATB) systems.

A graphical display capacity limiter and an anti-two block system provide audio visual warnings and a crane function lockout.

A real-time colour display shows boom angle, length, radius, tip height, maximum permissible load, load indication and warning of impending overload condition. The machine also features real-time J1939 truck diagnostic and monitoring, such as engine regen status, fuel level, oil pressure, battery voltage and more.

Finally, a standard Work Area Definition System (WADS) is included for operator definable non-lockout warning limits