International Harvester TD6 crawler tractor


Pictured here in 2018 is a fully restored International Harvester TD6 crawler tractor at HCEA Canada’s Wheels & Tracks in Motion event. 

The late Mr. Don Shiell, a director on the HCEA board, had restored the 1952 crawler over a five year period, rebuilding the engine, steering clutches and adding hydraulics all the while he was in his late 70s.

He had previously equipped an I-H TD9 crawler with a Heil cable control winch to handle a small LeTourneau pull scraper, which he demonstrated at HCEA events.

When first introduced in 1939 the TD6 was rated at a meagre 35 hp and by the end of production in 1969 the TD6 Series 62 had been upgraded to 50 hp.

These versatile, lighter weight crawlers could be configured for orchard use, agricultural use or equipped with bulldozer blades supplied by Heil or Bucyrus Erie along with Hough and Bucyrus Erie loader attachments.

These were handy small machines for contractors, municipalities and farmers alike.

The 1920s hard-tire float trailer, being pulled by the TD6, has an interesting history. Through much research it was discovered that it had belonged to the works department in London, Ontario and had been built in Kitchener, Ontario by Dominion Trailer Ltd.

It was donated to HCEA Canada by Jim Dunning of St. Thomas, Ontario and was restored by Don Shiell and fellow association member, Reg Johnston. Another rare find brought back to life.

This article is provided by the Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA) Canada. HCEA Canada is a Proud Community Heritage Partner of the Simcoe County Museum.