Lorain Model MC 8150 mobile crane

Lorain mobile crane
By HCEA Canada

Pictured here in 1970, is a Lorain Model MC 8150 mobile crane on bridge construction duty in Southern Ontario.

Although setting precast concrete bridge deck slabs would have been an easy pick with this capacity machine, the set up on a railway main line would have required quite the coordination effort.

Rated at 150-ton capacity, the Lorain Model MC could be equipped with up to 82 metres of boom. A 12-ton counterweight was standard, however, for heavier lifts it could range up into the 30-ton range.

The upper was commonly powered by a Cummins 855 diesel engine of some 275 hp while the five-axle carrier utilized the Cummins NTC 335 engine.

In the early 1920s, the Thew Shovel Company based in Lorain, Ohio manufactured several models of wheel, rail or crawler mounted shovels.

With the later product name change to Lorain they became a common sight on post-war projects wherever cranes, cable backhoes or draglines were required.

The mid-1960s saw the Lorain brand become part of the rival Koehring Company with Lorain labelled machines being produced through the following decade.

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