Propeller introduces Terrain Editing feature

propeller 3d mapping

The new Terrain Editing feature from Propeller will help surveyors measure sites with improved accuracy, as well as save worksites from potentially costly errors made by lack of data.

Terrain Editing enables surveyors to edit out obstructions or inaccuracies on their site models like a fleet of vehicles, stockpiles or bridges, ensuring accurate earthwork volume calculations. 

Survey data on today’s sites can be skewed or incomplete due to obstructions or irregular terrain. Such inaccuracies can take hours to clean up, requiring multiple tools. 

In the United States alone, this type of inefficiency, along with a general lack of project data, costs businesses more than $177 billion annually.

Reduce data-cleaning with Propeller

By using Terrain Editing in the Propeller Platform, worksites can reduce the cumbersome data-cleaning process and avoid inflated volume measurements. 

Beyond improving data on an active worksite, businesses can use Terrain Editing for tighter quotes by removing obstructions for more accurate quantities in their bids.

“Having inaccurate project data is a pain point our customers face every day. Propeller’s focus is to arm our customers with the tools to increase accuracy and, ultimately, help them do their jobs more efficiently. While our automated terrain filtering feature removes a majority of unwanted objects from a survey, manual terrain editing is now an option for users who wish to take their surveys a step further,” said Rory San Miguel, CEO of Propeller. 

“This new feature gives surveyors more control over their site data, making sure they can measure surface areas and volumes more accurately.”

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Terrain Editing in the Propeller Platform also lets surveyors designate editing access and track terrain changes made by other users.

With greater control, surveyors can be confident when sharing terrain models with a wider team who can then measure quantities and track earthwork changes themselves using Propeller. 

Terrain Editing is now available for all Propeller Platform customers. 

Propeller is a cloud-based drone data analytics and 3D mapping company that provides worksites with the ability to track, map and measure their earthwork projects. 

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with a North American office in Denver, Colorado, Propeller assists teams on thousands of worksites track, inspect and report on job progress and productivity safely and accurately.