Caterpillar packs new tech into D5, D6 and D7 dozers

Caterpillar dozer

Caterpillar’s D5, D6, D6XE and D7 dozers are now available with several new tech features. 

The four dozers will see updates to Assist technology, as well as a new Bluetooth machine security system (MSS) and include CB radio readiness.  

The machines also now include a remote control ready kit as a standard feature. 

“This effectively means that it has the wiring and the mounts ready to put a remote-control kit on,” said Sam Meeker, Caterpillar’s product application specialist for dozers. 

The next gen dozer remote control system is easier to install and features a lower cost and lower profile design compared to the previous system. 

Two types of remote systems are available, including line of Sight (LOS) or non-line of sight (NLOS).

The LOS kit includes a roof-mounted plate, RC controller and wiring, RC mode lights and a Command console receiver. 

“The line of sight kit uses over-the-shoulder hardware, where you can watch the machine and control it with the remote control,” Meeker said. 

The NLOS system is able to move the operator off the jobsite. The machine is controlled using a command station, which is connected to the dozer via site Wi-Fi or site internet. 

“It looks a lot like a simulator,” Meeker said “It’s really getting you the full remote-control experience while you’re running that tractor.” 

Blade Load Monitor

Blade Load Monitor for Assist is now available on the D5, D6 and D7 dozers. This provides operators with real-time feedback on blade load and machine capacity for ground conditions. 

The tech is beneficial for operators of all skill levels, for new operators, Blade Load Monitor can be used as a training tool, while veteran operators can use the feature as a reference for machine capacity. 

“It gives the operator the idea that maybe they need to back off just a little bit, spill a little bit of the material off, maintain that momentum and keep the tractor moving,” Meeker said.

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The Assist Autocarry feature now no longer requires the operator to be in Slope Assist or Grade 3D to activate. Autocarry helps the operator when pushing heavy blade loads by automatically raising or lowering the blade to maximize pushing capacity, while preventing excessive track slip. 

“If Traction Control can’t get that track slip down, then Autocarry will automatically lift the blade up, and spill a little bit of the load so they can continue that momentum,” Meeker said. 

Bluetooth MSS

The new Bluetooth MSS allows operators to unlock a machine using a Bluetooth device. 

For the operator, Bluetooth MSS creates an easy method to unlock the dozer without having to type in a passcode. For the machine owner, the feature creates an added level of security by restricting who is able to access the machine.

“You get the feature of identifying all your operators and identifying what they’re doing, as well as being able to have the security of only having certain operators being able to run those machines,” Meeker said. 

The dozer must be programmed for each Bluetooth device that’s given access, which can be done via Cat VisionLink or the machine itself.