Unicontrol debuts new  grade control for dozers

an aerial image of a dozer equipped with unicontrol

Unicontrol has launched its latest development: Automatic Grading Control for dozers. 

Automatic Grading Control from Unicontrol is designed to make grading simpler for existing and new Unicontrol users. Developed in response to worldwide demand, the solution has received positive feedback from machine operators throughout its extensive testing phase. 

“At Unicontrol, our dedication to simplifying machine control for operators worldwide is evident in our commitment to innovation,” said Kasper Hartvig, Co-Founder  and Chief Product Officer at Unicontrol. “Automatic Grading Control stands as a testament to this dedication, simplifying dozer operation. Our development efforts are closely aligned with real-world challenges on construction sites, where Automatic Grading Control directly addresses the global demand for a solution that make it simpler to obtain precise dozer operation.”

Automatic Grading Control is a semi-automatic function that reduces manual grading efforts. Operators simply steer the dozer while the blade automatically adjusts for grading, following terrain and design contours.

Using the Unicontrol solution, the operator simply sets the desired slope and grade, and Automatic Grading Control completes the task. The system can achieve accuracy within 1 cm, while reducing re-work, saving fuel and ensuring manpower is more efficient.

“It simplifies the levelling operation, enabling the blade to get to fine grade easier on the final pass,” said Christopher Brown, owner of Elation-Tech, the Canadian distributor of Unicontrol.  

With the new update for dozers, machine operators experience the ease of grading with Joystick Integration to the Unicontrol machine control system.

The system can be toggled on or off directly from a single click of a button using the joystick in the dozer. This creates a seamless experience where the dozer operator does not have to lift a finger from the machine controls.

The integration between the joystick and Unicontrol3D offers a quick way to adjust the offset according to the original design file, using the joystick button of any given dozer.

This is useful for surfaces that require pavement, asphalt or gravel in the final design.

The offset line can now be adjusted directly from the joystick in the machine, making it easy for dozer operators to tailor the specific needs of a project, without compromising the original design file. Creating this offset automatically adjusts the blade of the dozer, and take the offset into account, constantly documenting the process