User-friendly Unicontrol is now available in Canada

The Unicontrol display
Unicontrol is available in Canada through Elation-Tech.
By Lori Lovely

Elation-Tech has started offering installation of Unicontrol, a user-friendly, cost-effective GPS machine control system, on a variety of earthmoving equipment.

Founded in 2020, Elation-Tech is a distributor of European machine control brands, including Unicontrol, Geomax and formerly iDig.

“Unicontrol provides 3D GNSS guidance for excavators, dozers, tracked and wheeled loaders, and even backhoes with 3D machine/grade control applications,” said Christopher Brown, owner of Elation-Tech Inc

He added Unicontrol is compatible with all heavy equipment brands on machines from 5 to 50 tonnes.

The system is ideal for drainage and sewer infrastructure, as well as golf course design, digging footings and foundations, site preparation and levelling.

“This makes it ideal for jobs with little to no room for error,” Brown said. 

Living up to its motto “machine control made simple,” Unicontrol is user-friendly, giving the operator the ability to upload design plans and create designs on the spot while in the cab,  with updates in real time. 


In addition to allowing users to upload design files, the UnicontrolCloud enables them to share projects between operators. This feature saves time from walking back and forth between machines to share data. 

Logged points can be downloaded for over-the-air collaboration, with automated documentation necessary for quality assurance. 

In addition, there are different options, like tiltrotator compatibility, and six-way blade functionality. Unicontrol can also customize swing booms and long reach on excavators. Unicontrol is the only manufacturer that fully supports a swing boom. 

In addition to being user-friendly, Unicontrol3D is intuitive and flexible. With mid- and small-size contractors in mind, Unicontrol, a Denmark-based manufacturer, concentrated on meeting the needs of operators by providing a digital assistant and an intuitive interface. The results are improved accuracy, less rework and higher productivity. As the system does not require extensive training, contractors save money.

Customized for operators

Unicontrol can be customized to individual operators’ needs. 

Fast-tracking sensors are connected to a dual GNSS box, antennas on the roof and an Android tablet inside the cab, allowing the operator to track and manage the digging process. 

Unicontrol’s cloud provides support to both operators and dealers, with troubleshooting available. Remote diagnostic and support tools minimize downtime.

Once a user allows access to the system through the portal, it’s possible to receive support and obtain a digital overview of the machine, GNSS rovers and base stations. 

“Surface points and lines are stored in the cloud, easily identifying a specific obstacle,” Brown said. “All this can be managed from the comfort of your office.” 

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The system can be retrofitted on existing equipment. It’s installed and calibrated by a local dealer technician or trained contractor. 

The interface is placed in the cab for operator visibility. On an excavator, the sensors are positioned close to the attachments, chassis, boom and dipper arm. GPS antennas are placed on the back of the excavator, over the counterweight or on masts over the front blade for levelling. There are also internal components and an optional radio for more consistent RTK corrections in rural areas where network connections may not be available. The system can also run in 2D. 

Unicontrol is currently available in more than 36 countries, including the United States and Canada, with plans to expand its territory.

“Our system can eliminate travel, downtime and help give instant feedback to the operator and/or surveyor,” Brown said.