John Deere is now offering its JDLink connectivity service at no cost

John Deere has announced that, as of July 14th, customers no longer need to renew their subscriptions to its connectivity service, JDLink.

Additionally, customers are now able to setup the automatic activation of all future compatible models.

“John Deere has offered telematics for well over a decade and the boost in machine monitoring and machine uptime has been an overwhelming benefit to our customers, “said James Leibold, product marketing manager, connected solutions, John Deere.

JDLink delivers insights regarding a fleet directly to an owner or fleet manager. Machine location, time in idle, fuel level, upcoming maintenance and machine alerts are among the many features offered by the JDLink connectivity service.

Also, it offers seamless connectivity to John Deere Connected Support, which allows a dealer to remotely diagnose issues with machines.

“With the next phase of our JDLink offering, we are making it easier for customers to manage their fleets. Instead of needing to keep track of renewal dates by each machine, owners and fleet managers can look at monitoring their equipment holistically and can focus on what’s important – keep their job sites running,” says Leibold.