Ford Expands telematics to all makes and models

Ford Super Duty

Ford is ensuring no vehicle is left behind by expanding Ford Telematics to support all makes and models, regardless of the automaker.

The new capability, alongside new tools offered by Ford Telematics, gives businesses flexibility to manage their fleets, while helping to manage driver behaviour performance and compliance goals.

“At Ford, our commitment to fleet customers goes beyond the mix of their fleet,” said Alex Purdy, director of business operations, enterprise connectivity at Ford. “By supporting all makes and models, expanding the capabilities of Ford Telematics and providing complimentary management tools, we’re arming fleet managers with the knowledge they need to maintain uptime and increase productivity across their fleet.”

With Ford Telematics, fleet operators can gather, view and monitor data from all their vehicles, regardless of manufacturer. With this expanded functionality, fleet managers will be able to analyze all of their fleet vehicles in one dashboard, including the ability to improve uptime, monitor performance and plan maintenance services.

Customers can leverage this capability on most non-Ford vehicles by using a plug-in device that connects to each vehicle with a wiring harness that leaves the OBD II port available for use. Additionally, this expanded functionality is provided as part of the regular subscription cost for Ford Telematics.

Fleet customers who deploy electric vehicles also have access to an electric vehicle telematics dashboard, which provides features such as electric-vehicle data, charging reports and web-based pre-conditioning that can help optimize battery efficiency.

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Ford Telematics’ driver behaviour dashboard provides a survey of how their vehicles are performing, providing information about trends that involve harsh braking or acceleration, speeds driven over posted limits and fleet-set thresholds, seatbelt use and idling time. A personal driver score also lets fleet managers quickly see how specific drivers are doing, giving them opportunities to further coach them on best practices and areas of improvement.

“Because there’s so much data at our fingertips, it’s critical to give fleet managers a clear and simple way to gain insight into their business,” Purdy said. 

“Severe incident notifications lets fleet operators know when their drivers and vehicles have been involved in a severe incident where the airbag has been triggered. E-mail and in-app alerts can relay the driver involved, the location of the crash and the time. As well, vehicle misuse notifications enable managers to set operating hours and receive notifications if their vehicles are being used inappropriately during off-hours.

In the second quarter of 2021, Ford will launch Ford Telematics Essentials, a complimentary level of service for commercial customers.

Ford Telematics Essentials gives customers access to vehicle health insights such as odometer readings, diagnostic codes and information around oil life, engine hours and recalls. Later this year, this complimentary service will also allow fleets to digitally track and plan maintenance or repair services with local dealers.