Cat upgrades tech on its medium dozer lineup 

cat dozers are equipped with new technology

Caterpillar is introducing two new technology package upgrades for its medium dozer line up.

Starting early in 2024, Cat Assist with ARO (attachment ready option) suite of features will be included as a standard on Cat D4, D5, D6, D6 XE and D7 models.

As well, a new Cat Grade with 3D Ready option provides more flexibility for customers upgrading to Cat Grade with 3D on the D4, D5 and D6 dozer models.

Now standard, Cat Assist with ARO (formerly ARO with Assist) ensures that every new Cat D4 to D7 dozer comes equipped with the suite of Assist features that can be easily upgraded to Cat Grade 3D. These features include Stable Blade, which is designed to make finish dozing easier, and Traction Control to reduce track slip and minimize wear.

The tech suite also includes Auto Carry to maximizes blade loads; Blade Load Monitor a feature for operator coaching to improve productivity; Slope Assist to hold blade angles without the use of GPS; Steer Assist to automatically keeps dozing straight; and ARO  Sensors (IMUs) on the machine for GPS capability.

Cat Grade with 3D uses a GPS signal to automatically adjust blade lift and tilt movements, so operators can get to design faster, save time and reduce the cost of rework, labour and materials.

The new Cat Grade with 3D Ready option consists of all the hardware required for the 3D system and comes installed and tested from the factory. The option includes onboard sensors, GNSS antennas and receivers and a 25 cm touchscreen display. This allows the 3D Ready hardware to be quickly updated to a complete Grade with 3D system with the purchase of necessary licenses through a Cat dealer.