Our Top 5 construction job stories of 2017

construction job stories

Throughout the year, we visit various construction job sites and testing grounds to see how the machines we write about suit their owners and operators.

Here, in no particular order, are five of those stories that stood out in 2017.

5The Queen’s Marque

Queen’s Marque site at the Halifax Waterfront.
A general view of the Queen’s Marque site at the Halifax Waterfront. August 28, 2017.

In their quest to provide open space through downtown Halifax’s Queen’s Marque, developers have unearthed important archaeological artifacts.

Featuring a permeable ground level, European-style plaza and public squares at George and Prince streets, it is set to be a structure like no other in the area. However, great care is now being paid to the artifacts being uncovered.

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4Toronto’s Crosstown

Crosstown toronto construction

While Deep Foundation Contractors (deep) has experience working in Toronto, drilling in an urban environment isn’t simple.

The company needed to conquer challenges including inconsistent soil conditions, low clearance drilling, unmovable utilities, maintaining traffic and dark confined working spaces to provide underground access for two TBMs.

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3The Real Operation Center

Doosan The Roc

The ROC (Real Operation Center), located at the ASARCO Mission Mine south of Tucson in the Sonoran Desert, is where Doosan invites its staff and potential customers to test drive their full line of heavy equipment.    

With ambient air temperatures reaching 44 C, Doosan is able to prove its equipment’s endurance.

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2University of Guelph alumni return to tackle stadium grounds refresh

university of guelph landscape architecture

The landscape architecture of the University of Guelph’s football stadium is a homecoming for Doug and Adam Taylor, and James Savoie.

Their company, Frontiers Landscape Architecture, was awarded the $2.5 million contract to redevelop the grounds surrounding the stadium.  Before entering the landscaping field, Taylor studied landscape architecture at the university. While Savoie also studied at the school, he was also captain of the Gryphons, the university’s football team.

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1Crushing Operation Chooses Keestrack

Rock Crusher Concrete & Asphalt Recycling (RCCAR), based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, has taken possession of a Keestrack Destroyer R3/1011 closed circuit impact crusher and a Keestrack S3 tracked stacking conveyor for cleaning up waste concrete and turning it into reusable aggregates.

The company purchased the equipment in April from Frontline Equipment when RCCAR was founded.

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