Moore JCB hosts the Dancing Diggers

The JCB Dancing Diggers recently made an appearance in Canada to help celebrate the company’s customers.

The hydraulic dance troupe performed at Moore JCB’s annual Customer Appreciation Day, held at the company’s St. Laurent, Quebec location on June 6.

Lance Stroll, Williams Martini racing driver, also made an appearance at the celebration.

The JCB display team (known as the Dancing Diggers) tour shows and celebrations to demonstrate the unusual ways in which the company’s backhoes can support themselves or maneuver.

The machines used are stock 3CX backhoes and the only modifications are the temporary pyrotechnics devices attached with a magnetic base. To avoid transporting machines around the world, the team uses the dealers’ stock machines when performing at dealership events.

The four-person Dancing Diggers team featured two drivers were from the United Kingdom and two from Savannah, Georgia.

The idea for the JCB display team was born in 1962, when Joseph Bamford orchestrated the first ‘up and over’ maneuver, where four JCB backhoes lifted themselves on their hydraulics arms to create a bridge, while the company Cadillac drove underneath.

The stunt was developed to show off the power and versatility of the backhoe configuration.

Over the years, the show has evolved into a gymnastic routine by the company’s display team.

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