Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane utilized in Florida coast project

Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane utilized in Florida coast project

Brance Diversified Inc (BDI) spent approximately two months dredging 50,000 cubic yards off of a barge in Jacksonville, Florida. BDI chose to use their Liebherr HS 8100.1 duty cycle crawler crane to complete this job due to its reliability, excellent clamshell barge charts and efficient production.

“We chose the HS 8100.1 because of its powerful 523 hp engine, 61,800 lbs (28,032 kg) line pull winches, low noise emission and low fuel consumption” said BDI’s President, Lance Young. The hydraulic crawler crane has a Liebherr diesel engine which complies with Tier 4 regulations supporting BDI’s mission of being an environmentally safe company.

BDI’s machine includes Liebherr’s GrabMatic System, which assists operators in clamshell projects. It visually aids the operator with optimized grab closing including level cutting and shows the machine’s inclination up to 40 on the operator’s monitor, as well as records cycles and turnover.

“These systems increase safety, minimize rope wear and significantly increase turnover/production, allowing our customers to dredge larger projects faster and more efficiently” notes Wolfgang Herzog, vice president of sales – South East & Caribbean for Liebherr USA’s Crawler Cranes and Deep Foundation Machines division.

BDI also added a lighting package for dusk/night work as the crawler crane operated for 10-12 hours a day throughout various light conditions handling materials such as sand and silt. “Reliability and production definitely meet and exceed our expectations,” said Young.