Wirtgen’s W 380 CRi: the world’s most powerful cold recycler

Wirtgen cold recycler

With its new cold recycler models, Wirtgen has developed the world’s most modern machines for cold in-place recycling. 

The new W 380 CRi tracked recycler also deliver impressive results during full-depth recycling and high-performance milling. 

The machine is capable of achieving full-depth recycling in a single pass. The asphalt surface is removed, depending on the level of damage, by a recycling train operating across the entire width of the pavement in a single pass, mixed with binding agents on site, and then paved again immediately.

The W 380 CRi can recycle the road surface to a full depth of 30 cm, so it is also suitable for full-depth recycling (FDR). 

The W 380 CRi can also restore road surfaces beyond the available working widths of 3.2 metres, 3.5 metres and 3.8 metres. In this case, the recycler picks up the material that was pre-milled on the side by a cold milling machine and adds it to the mixing process.

Thanks to a mixing capacity of 800 tonnes per hour, in combination with rear loading onto a road paver with the appropriate stockpiling and paving screed, even very wide road surfaces can be rehabilitated in a single pass.

The Wirtgen 380 CRi can also be used as a high-performance milling machine.

Thanks to its high engine power of 1,054 hp — which is EU Stage 5 and Tier 4 Final compliant — as well as its conveyor capacity, the W 380 CRi can manage removal work to a milling depth of 35 cm. This enables large-scale rehabilitation work to be carried out quickly, such as on motorways, runways at airports, or the removal of complete asphalt packages, as well as the homogenization and granulation of damaged asphalt layers.

Simple operating concept

The W 380 CRi features flexible positioning of the main control panels in both directions of operation. As well, all machine parameters are displayed on a high-resolution, colour screen, and an on-board diagnostics system provides assistance with maintenance procedures. 

For the ground crew, the machine includes four large ground-level control panels that allow the adjustment of material guide plates, side plates rotor plates or machine height.  

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For perfect visibility, Wirtgen optimized the machine’s geometry, and included up to seven cameras. An LED lighting system also assists with nighttime operations. Operation of the machine is simplified thanks to several new automated features, such as the alignment of the machine parallel to the surface, load controlled conveyor belt speed or cleaning of the injection systems