United Rentals campaign aims to tackle jobsite inefficiency

United Rentals

United Rentals is launching a new campaign to bring to life its role as a partner in improving performance on the worksite with equipment, data, safety and expertise.

What happens a huge piece of construction equipment sitting idle? It’s this kind of equipment underutilization that United Rentals aims to highlight in its new B2B campaign created in partnership with Droga5.

“We enlisted Droga5 because we believe creativity is a critical component in connecting with our customers, who live in the real world and respond to a more human approach,” said United Rentals CMO Chris Hummel.

“We want the campaign to resonate with them by tapping into real industry issues while also ensuring we’re inserting a differentiated message into the marketplace.”

United Rentals: A better worksite is here

The campaign, titled “A Better Worksite is Here,” shines a light on improving worksite efficiency across construction, industrial and infrastructure projects throughout North America. The full 360 campaign components include TV, immersive content, contextual OOH and targeted digital.

North American infrastructure is in dire need of repair, yet projects may not meet their budgets and timelines.

Similarly, equipment is often underutilized and sits idle on construction and industrial worksites, another sign of the efficiency opportunity available industry wide.

“Waste isn’t just the norm; it’s often expected. And it’s an opportunity to prove there is a better way to work, which inspired the United Rentals campaign,” the rental company said in a news release.

 To help people see these inefficiencies in the real world, the United Rentals campaign is launching with hyper-contextual OOH and geo-targeted digital creative surrounding significant infrastructure projects across the United States  and Canada. 

The campaign drives audiences to www.ABetterWorksite.com, which explores how new ways of applying intelligent equipment, data and expertise to tackle worksite inefficiency.

North American megaprojects

The website also features summaries about more than 50 of the largest, real-world infrastructure projects in the United States and Canada and what it will take to complete them.

 “We have been excited about our partnership with United Rentals since the onset because they have the appetite and ambition to take a traditional B2B message and bring it to life in a unique and creative way,” said Ray Del Savio, executive creative director of Droga5. 

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The first round of work highlights all the solutions United Rentals offers their customers and that by combining equipment, data, safety and expertise United Rentals can help the industry transform the way works get done.”

The first film of the United Rentals campaign titled “Idle,”  shows what happens to equipment when it sits idle. The film highlights opportunities for customers to improve worksites, reflecting the everyday beauty often overlooked on worksites.  

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