Toro debuts its new Swivel Mud Buggy

Toro Swivel Mud Buggy

Toro has introduced the new Swivel Mud Buggy, a major advancement for the company’s material buggy lineup. 

Built on the same frame as Toro’s MB TX 2500 tracked mud buggy, the new Swivel Mud Buggy features a redesigned tub that allows it to swivel 180 degrees, enabling its user to dump materials anywhere within the 180-degree angle. 

“We know our customers are looking for a machine that focuses on increasing productivity in every way and ensuring that they can get their jobs done with precision,” said Kaitlyn Ingli, marketing associate at Toro.

“Our Swivel Mud Buggy was engineered to deliver exceptional precision, user-friendly controls, and ultimately, an innovative and highly efficient working experience for Toro end users.”

For enhanced durability, the Swivel Mud Buggy offers a thicker, 95 mm polyethylene tub material. With the increased tub thickness, users are able to tackle more jobs with confidence, regardless of the material being transported, including sand, rock, mulch or even cement. 

In addition to the swivel feature and the redesigned tub, the swivel switch travels with the right-hand control handle, allowing operators to safely and efficiently operate the machine while simultaneously swivelling the tub. 

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The Toro Swivel Mud Buggy can carry up to 1,135 kg of material, and the 25 hp Kohler Confidant engine delivers power to handle challenging material handling applications. As well, the Swivel Mud Buggy can reach transport speeds of up to 9.5 km per hour in forward and 3 km per hour in reverse to efficiently transport material around the jobsite. 

In terms of durability, the Endless Kevlar reinforced tracks are built for high performance and offer outstanding traction for a wide range of terrain, including hillsides, culverts and ditches. The unit also performs well in various challenging conditions such as mud, gravel and snow. 

The Swivel Mud Buggy also features an auto-return dump feature that eliminates the need for the operator to wait for the tub to return to the travelling position, increasing overall productivity. 

The machine weighs about 715 kg, and boasts a tub volume of more than 450 litres. The Swivel Mud Buggy offers convenient service points for routine maintenance. The belts, hydraulics, battery and engine compartment are all easily accessible and simple to maintain.