Salvage Kings release date and trailer unveiled

The History Channel has released a preview of its upcoming show Salvage Kings.

The Canadian-original series features the demolition and salvage team at Priestly Demolition Inc.

The family-run company is in the business of tearing down buildings, but first, they give their salvage crew the chance to go inside and recover the historic treasures left behind.

The show, which makes its premiere on Sept. 15 at 10 p.m., follows Priestly Demolition’s Head of Salvage, Ted Finch, his right-hand man, Justin Fortin and rookie Julien Savage, as they hunt for as many artifacts as they can in buildings that are slated for demolition – all before President Ryan Priestly and his demolition crew smash down the walls around them.

Working in often dangerous conditions, the team hunts for items they can sell, bringing life to the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Salvage Kings premiere

In the series premiere of Salvage Kings, Ted and Justin travel to Market Village Mall in Markham, Ontario where they are tasked with unlocking mysterious vault doors, while the demolition team begins its tear down.

The salvage team needs to move fast if they want to discover what is hiding inside the locked vaults.
Throughout the Salvage Kings series, the team discovers century-old safes, collectible toys, a 19th century log cabin and a 1927 Austrian C. Reichert Microscope.

Salvage kings

According to the History Channel, the show’s audience will be amazed at the hidden gems the team finds, as well as the stories behind the objects.

“The salvage team’s job is done once they turn the rubble into riches by selling their wares to eager buyers and dedicated collectors.
“Demolition and salvaging is a risky business, but the Priestly team brings skill, fun, and heart to every job they do. With an equal combination of history, humour and discovery, there’s no telling what the Salvage Kings will find, nor where their incredible discoveries will end up,” the History Channel explained in a news release.