Police investigate theft of 17 hydraulic hammers

hydraulic hammers

Tramac is appealing to its peers in the heavy equipment industry in hope of recovering numerous hydraulic hammers that were stolen from its warehouse.

Sometime in the late evening of Tuesday (Aug. 22), thieves stole 17 hydraulic breakers from Tramac’s office and warehouse at 3421 Blvd Industriel in Laval, Quebec.

The hammers, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars combined, were all new and still packaged in crates at the time of the theft.

The theft included five 900 medium breakers. The 900 is designed for effective breaking of oversize boulders, excavating and demolition of concrete up to 6 ft. thick.

As well, several light range hydraulic hammers were stolen, including five SC36 models, one SC36 and one SC50-2. The SC Series is specially designed to function as a breaker, bucket and compactor – with quickly interchangeable accessories, requiring only one operator. They are designed for mini-excavators, backhoes and skid steers. A 501-NG-4 was also stolen, which is designed for carriers from 8 to 10 metric tonnes.

In the heavy hammer range, thieves stole a V32, V3500, N-3000-5 and a N-3000-1. The V-Series hammers respond to changes in hardness as material is processed by adjusting automatically to the optimum combination of impact power and striking rate. The N-Series breakers break up all density of rocks, with maximum power and speed.

Laval Police are investigating the theft.

Anyone with information regarding the theft, or who has been approached to purchase a new Tramac hammer, is asked to call Laval Police at 450-978-5959. To provide police with an anonymous tip, call 1-800-222-8477.

Anyone purchasing a hydraulic breaker is asked to check its serial number to ensure it doesn’t match the stolen equipment.

Model and serial nuymbers of stolen hammers:

  • 501-NG-4: M501D53070
  • 900: M900D51143
  • 900: M900D51144
  • 900: M900D51145
  • 900: M900D51146
  • 900: M900D51148
  • N-3000-5: X130A50098
  • N-5000-1: X170C50604
  • SC36: A01R05424
  • SC36: A01R05425
  • SC36: A01R05427
  • SC36: A01R05428
  • SC36: A01R05429
  • SC42: AC4502270
  • V32: V032D50057
  • V3500:V350B50107