Perkins extends its Ecoplus oil filter range

perkins ecoplus

The Perkins Ecoplus oil filter is now available on the new EU Stage V Perkins Syncro 3.6 and 2.8 litre engines.

Perkins has taken the opportunity to upgrade the filter as part of the design work undertaken on the new engine range. Previously, a spin-on oil filter was used across the company’s engine range.

As with all Perkins Ecoplus filters, the oil filter now includes a replaceable element that fits inside the filter housing on the machine. This reduces waste, as there is no metal canister to dispose of, compared to typical spin-on filters. 

An immediate benefit for customers is that a clean change is now possible, thanks to a modification to the angle of the filter.

The new filter is upright which makes it easier to access and as soon as the cap is opened the oil automatically drains back into the block. 

“The new oil filters are really easy to change,” said Matt O’Sullivan, Perkins’ aftermarket general manager. “You just unscrew the top cover using the 38 mm nut – no special tooling is required, lift out the cap and element and click the new filter back in place. It’s as simple as that.” 

Ecoplus performance

To maintain the integrity of the filter, Perkins has used high quality media inside the filter for efficient protection. The filter also includes an improved bypass valve now sited in the filter housing, so it’s less likely to open inappropriately and the engine will prime more quickly as the filter stays full of oil, all of which protects the engine at initial start-up.

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The oil filter also employs the unique features from the rest of Perkins Ecoplus range including; spiral roving and acrylic beading to ensure maximum filtration surface area, and urethane moulded end-caps to prevent fluid escaping from the filter edge. These features ensure fast oil circulation on engine start to protect sensitive components such as turbochargers, and efficient filtration through the service life. 

Perkins Ecoplus filters are manufactured in the company’s dedicated manufacturing facilities, ensuring manufacturing quality to deliver reliable, efficient filters.

More than half of Perkins engines currently in production are fitted with Perkins Ecoplus fuel filters.