The L 509 is Liebherr’s first telescopic wheel loader

L 509

The L 509 telescopic wheel loader delivers the benefits of two machines in one

Liebherr’s L 509 Tele telescopic wheel loader is a unique multifunctional machine that combines the lift height and reach of a telescopic loader with the material handling capacity of a classic wheel loader.

Developed on the base of the Speeder L 509 stereoloader, the new telescopic wheel loader includes the proven stereo steering, and is able to reach a top speed of 38 km per hour, thanks to its hydrostatic travel drive. The machine also complies with Tier 4 Final emissions regulations. 

The L 509 Tele has an extendable telescopic lift arm, which can lift to a height of 4.8 metres with a fork attachment. Thanks to the integrated z-bar kinematics, the telescopic lift arm enables the operator to load containers and lorries or stack loading material. 

When working with a fork attachment, no manual readjustment is required, as Liebherr’s engineers have optimized the parallel movement during fork operation. 

Liebherr’s L 509 Tele telescopic wheel loader features an articulated tipping load of 3,800 kg, a bucket capacity of 0.9 cubic metres and an operating weight of 7,000 kg. 

The right combination

The Liebherr stereo steering system, the proven combination of articulated steering and the steered rear axle, ensures maneuverability. The combination of the technical solutions makes the new L 509 Tele useful for numerous applications, including landscaping, municipal, snow clearing or recycling services. 

The machine is user friendly enough that even less-experienced machine operators can safely operate it on all types of construction sites. 

The L 509 Tele also has a newly designed hydraulic quick coupler to switch between work tools.

It ensures high wear and holding forces and, thanks to its compact design, delivers visibility to the attachment being used. The connection dimensions are the same as the L 506 Compact – L 509 Stereo wheel loaders so that operators can use existing working tools on the L 509 Tele. This ensures year-round efficiency with attachments such as earthmoving and light material buckets, fork attachments, buckets with hydraulic clamp or snowplows. 

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The L 509 Tele has one of the largest operator’s cabs in its machine class. In addition to its generous space, the work station offers ideal visibility. A special feature is the height-adjustable 23-cm touch screen, which clearly shows all information. 

Liebherr has also modified some aspects of the standard stereoloader cab. For example, it has a sunroof window that allows the operator to clearly see the work tools and material being handled even when the telescopic lift arm is extended. 

The functions of the telescopic lift arm can be intuitively operated using the Liebherr control lever integrated into the operator’s seat as standard. The mini-joystick on the control lever is used for retracting and extending the lift arm as well as controlling hydraulic work tools. 

To make working with the telescopic lift arm easier, the Comfort Operation Tele is available at the customer’s request. 

This includes automatic bucket return-to-dig, programmable auto lifting and auto lowering as well as visualization of the equipment position on the display. 

Overload warning system 

Liebherr has equipped the L 509 Tele with a standard overload warning system. This consists of a load torque limit and a load torque indicator on the display to inform the machine operator about the bearing load situation and the stability of the telescopic wheel loader. 

In the critical area before the stability limit is reached, the overload warning system ensures the movements of the working hydraulics are slowed down to a standstill. The telescopic lift arm can then only be used to improve the stability of the machine. As an additional aid, the machine operator receives an acoustic signal and a visual warning on the display if the maximum load is exceeded. 

Increased stability

The telescopic wheel loader also possesses many well-known features of the Liebherr stereoloader series. 

The L 509 Tele has a reduced articulation angle of 30 degrees thanks to stereo steering. As a result, the centre of gravity remains in the centre of the machine when transporting large loads, which increases stability. The damped articulated pendulum joint, as with the regular L 509 Stereoloader, compensates for uneven ground and ensures stable travel characteristics on uneven surfaces. 

The practical stroke limit damping for the telescopic wheel loader operation is available at the customer’s request. This function enables the telescopic lift arm to be moved smoothly to the end position, reducing vibrations for the machine operator. The stroke limit damping increases the lifetime of all components, especially those of the lift arm and the installed equipment.