Keestrack enters agriculture with Goldoni acquisition


Keestrack is entering the agricultural market following the announcement that the company will acquire Goldoni.

The Italy-based manufacturer has specialized in agricultural machinery production since 1926. The company operates in more than 64 countries with a production plant in Carpi and more than 200 distributors.

Keestrack notes the acquisition will also facilitate the company to grow even more in the construction segment.

“After decades of organic growth, we’re glad to continue our growth by expanding our business into the agricultural segment” said Kees Hoogendoorn, president of the Keestrack group.

“After analysing many opportunities, we felt personally drawn to Goldoni for its rich traditional family values which are very close to ours. Our goal is to keep this historic brand alive supporting the local economy and employment rates.”

In late 2020, the Goldoni brand was on the verge of going out of business.

Now, Keestrack said it has a clear strategy to restart Goldoni tractor production as soon as possible, focusing on making the specialized tractors, transcars and motor cultivators, using Goldoni’s tradition with Keestrack’s innovation.

“We see a lot of synergy between the current businesses, such as: production systems, suppliers and dealer network, which will leverage the Goldoni business to bring success to the company,” said Peter Hoogendoorn, vice president of operations of the Keestrack Group, which operates its own Italian factory for crushers in Ponzano Veneto.

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In 2018, Goldoni had an EUR$50 million turnover. Keestrack will save 110 jobs by investing into Goldoni and is confident it will make a success of the fabulous brand Goldoni was, is and will be even more in future.

“The product portfolio will meet the customer’s requirements. We look to the future and want to introduce the K-series open field tractors in the near future. The Goldoni dealer network, in synergy with Keestrack’s, will be the key to make the orange Goldoni tractors strong on the fields again” said Roberto Lopes, Keestrack Italy CEO.